Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 341

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and hope 2021 comes to an end in style. Whether you are on vacation or at work, we invite you to take a few minutes to read the funniest tweets on Twitter from the previous week (week of December 20-27). This is our 341st edition of our weekly top tweets and once again we are amazed by the internet users.

# 1 love with a capital A

There is a cat that has been camping in my garden from 7am to 8pm for 4 months trying to catch my pussy and you think love is dead?

December 25, 2021

# 2 at the same time, it fits really well

Second day in my family in Haute-Savoie, my mother wants me to marry a man who “goes well together” because he has 280 cows.

December 23, 2021

# 3 ruined in curtains

They think you deserve a decent living until that day you show up in a store to buy curtains.

December 20, 2021

# 4 Nathan you scare us

This morning my family was opening our Christmas presents when I saw an isolated package with my name on it Inside? The résumé of Nathan, who wants to join my SME for a 6 month internship and moved in at my home overnight. It’s a huge YES Nathan, see you Monday!

December 25, 2021

# 5 you can have two scorpion boxes, but not three …

No, I’m going to die in 20 years, I’ve never seen that

December 25, 2021

# 6 We are survivors

People who still haven’t had the Covid for 2 years with all variants:

December 20, 2021

# 7 how to quickly climb to seventh heaven

The truth that winning your clash royale fight is better than sex

December 25, 2021

# 8 little rascal

The girls who love bad boys know that I just weighed my organic carrots for the price of regular carrots and let them go to the supermarket checkout

December 21, 2021

# 9 let’s imagine the waiter’s head

ptn I’m too ashamed to be in the restaurant and I was just checking the waiter when he reached out his hand to take back the menu sheet

December 22, 2021

# 10 that kind of pun, it’s always a big yes

Personally, I am waiting for the moment when Franck will ask Provost for a discount.

December 23, 2021

# 11 a tree with hips as hell

My tree is Cardi B or what ???

December 22, 2021

# 12 Paris is great omg

in Emily in Paris she’s shocked that people in France don’t work on weekends, it’s a macronist propaganda series I think

December 22, 2021

# 13 a chanapé

I arrive at home, my mother says to me “no, don’t sit on the cat couch” … the cat couch?

December 25, 2021

# 14 the best technique for getting your ex back … or not

ptdrrr my ex, he is too strong, he sent me a message saying, “even you don’t hear from my cat” so I ask him how his cat is doing and there he repeats, “I’m fine.” it no good i think he misses you “mash

December 22, 2021

# 15 Satan is the new Santa Claus

Wrapping paper purchased in Beijing with an error in the order of the letters.

December 25, 2021

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