Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 326


It’s Monday and whoever says Monday means top tweets on! For a relaxed start to the week, we invite you to discover the 326th edition of our top tweets of the week. Like every week, our community manager has checked social networks for tweets that have triggered a reaction in the last 7 days. This 326th selection applies to the week from August 30th to September 6th, 2021.

# 1 The dream

1. It’s always more fun to watch a movie together
2. The guy looks like a demigod and sits NEXT TO YOU
3. He will be able to hug you in his big muscular arms

August 30, 2021

# 2 Back to the joys of school

There is nothing worse than the pre-integration day style re-entry, as if there is an activity of making the other animals guess by imitation, I’m 19 years old

September 1, 2021

# 3 Always the joys of back to school

You are there, you send your child to school with confidence, you pick them up with holes in the middle of your head pcq I quote “I gave each of my friends a braid” ???????

September 1, 2021

# 4 the base

No matter what the event, if there are these wraps out I won’t go home until I beat them all up, zero behavior

August 31, 2021

# 5 When you’re barely home but already thinking about vacation

Paid leave

September 1, 2021

# 6 good question!

what happens if a natural disaster occurs at noon on the first Wednesday of the month

September 1, 2021

# 7 frustration

There is nothing more insulting than struggling with something, then looking for a youtube tutorial and hearing the voice of a 9 year old who gets there better than me repeating ptdr that I have to right click on DimitiDu59 and jviens popping your basketball in your garden

September 1, 2021

# 8 That kind of myth

I’m having lunch with my mother, she’s too late. I call the landline and she answers: “I’m on the street, I’ll be there in a minute.”

September 1, 2021

# 9 Another punch from the intern

?! ??

September 3, 2021

# 10 An OSS fan?

I was at an intersection with my little brother, he said to the seller “tell me my good boy” I will destroy everything

September 4, 2021

# 11 All to avoid questions

So my guy forces me to look at all of Marvel’s and I have to read a sheet of paper on each of them

September 5, 2021

If it was still a joke

September 5, 2021

He’s already got me to watch the entire MCU and series, and he’s making me see it all all over again to fully understand Spiderman: No going home (to avoid questions at the cinema)

September 5, 2021

# 12 horror

POV: You are in elementary school and forgot to empty your pockets.

September 4, 2021

# 13 Would have been the same with raclette

Magic c vrmt barbecues

September 4, 2021

# 14 karma

Last night, last bus, a guy gets on and asks for a ticket, he notices that I’m black and explains that he doesn’t buy anything from colored people … Ok! Two stops later: controller, a fine for the mask (135 €) and one for the ticket (65 €). It is expensive to be a racist

September 5, 2021

# 15 “Just in case …”

Every time I get the impression that you are sleeping at someone’s house, when you tell them you want to wash up, they have to “explain the shower” to you because there is always something out of normal mode that you have to turn on left you have to press at such a point you have to do a pirouette and call the saints

September 5, 2021

So much for those new top tweets. We’ll meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 325th selection from the last week here.