Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 324


The end of the holidays is approaching and most of you are going back to work today. To make it easier for you to cope with this hard blow, we invite you to discover the 324th edition of our top tweets of the week. Like every week, our community manager checked social networks for tweets that had generated a response in the past seven days. This 324th selection concerns the week from August 16-23, 2021.

# 1 Better than BFM and CNEWS

The only channel with good news today

August 16, 2021

# 2 Real heroes don’t wear a cape

The day he squeezed an elephant shit to collect the juice, I understood that this guy couldn’t stop him

August 16, 2021

# 3 when your package never arrives

It gets sorted well

17th August 2021

# 4 Our children are talented

9 year old nephew: can we buy monk balls tomorrow?
Me : ??? Is it a Burgundy cheese?
He: The cake with a lot of sugar there

Ah yes, such a Kouign-Amann.

17th August 2021

# 5 Who is taking the test?

If you want to win free money: Reverse very quickly in front of a speed camera as we usually pay a fine, but since it goes backwards, we get money

August 18, 2021

# 6 Give that kid a cookie

My niece (10 years old) calls the tree climbing harnesses her “three-dimensional equipment”

August 18, 2021

# 7 Scandalous

Hello @Decathlon,

I went to your store and was shocked that you were still selling fins.

Didn’t you know that people buy it to make oil, especially found in Nutella and orangutans?

We have to stop now.

August 19, 2021

# 8 word game of the week

on behalf of the goose I keep you on

August 20, 2021

# 9 Then chat!

It’s a chalade

August 21, 2021

# 10 this is how you can see it

My roommate watched Twilight for the first time tonight. His reaction? “Edward should be asked about curriculum development and educational reforms”

August 20, 2021

# 11 That’s totally it

The government: “do not eat greasy, salty, sweet.”

Brittany: “Salted Butter Caramel.”

August 16, 2021

# 12 years of suffering

ptite photo of me on my vacation spot! hope nothing happens to me ^^

August 16, 2021

# 13 For work?

A guy in my class asked him why he was Argentinian even though his name was Rudolf G√ľnter rudolf

August 18, 2021

# 14 The best colleague

The world of work is magical, you are there, you are 25 years old and like Manu your favorite colleague is 47 years old, married and the father of 2 children

August 18, 2021

# 15 the sad reality

C grv good qd you live alone in your apartment, you make yourself crazy meals mdrrrrrr. You cook good grv-stuff there, for example tonight i’m eating bread

August 20, 2021

So much for those new top tweets. We’ll meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 323rd selection from the last week here.