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Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 320

As every week, we invite you to discover the best tweets from the previous week to start the week in a good mood and with a smile. If you forgot to check out last week’s top tweets # 319, here are your best reactions to the hottest news of the week (covering July 19-26, 2021)!

# 1 croissant baguette yes yes

A biopic about bakeries pic.twitter.com/jzI6tnnG1n

July 19, 2021

# 2 a devoted friend

My friend fell from the second floor and her boyfriend panicked. Instead of going up the stairs to get her, he jumped from the second floor. The two broke their feet ptdrr I don’t know what to say

July 20, 2021

# 3 Jeff Bezos we know

Sorry, but it doesn’t remind you of Jeff Bezos’ rocket? pic.twitter.com/u8cLhi3Gwo

July 20, 2021

# 4 Emmanuel Macron followed his dreams as an mbappé

Macron when he got home from school pic.twitter.com/U1UhVdXLXC

July 24, 2021

# 5 a brain like we’ve never seen it since Einstein

Lil Uzi Vert has to turn his brain to scientists and study it.
Fuck a diamond on your forehead and buy a planet, the homie is completely bombed

July 22, 2021

# 6 the olympia brings us together

I like Olympia too much because we scream “ALLEZ ROMAIN” there at 12 noon when we’d never heard of the bitch ten minutes before

July 25, 2021

# 7 can we give a worse description?

A girl at work says she’s going to see Kaamelott tonight, a guy directs with us replies, “Ah, but you know Kaamelott ??? you’ll see it’s great, it’s a bit like the Camera Café, except that it goes into a magical Middle Ages “And I’ve never heard a worse description.

July 20, 2021

# 8 not so good last year’s collection …

I just got my results to find out which variant I have and I don’t have any. I got the covid from last year like it was super old fashioned

July 23, 2021

# 9 we hope he will be successful in the future

Mdr remember that the guy who made the music “Gilets Jaunés” quit his job to make music

July 21, 2021

# 10 who is team britney here?

Britney Spears Revenge I hope she gets as salty as Arya in Game of Thrones

July 19, 2021

# 11 in your opinion, is that a yes?

I’ve always asked myself a question, let’s imagine you are attacked on the street, it starts in a fight, you win. Do you have the right to loot the bud? Like cell phone and wallet?

July 22, 2021

# 12 It’s a fries party tonight

My boyfriend put his hand on my bum and my sanitary napkin made a noise, he said “but are you hiding chips in your panties?” pic.twitter.com/pEnb0bxczy

July 22, 2021

# 13 good old zod

Ptdr Squeezie and Locklear make Zod a multimillionaire, in fact, he must be this messed up, damn it, it’s amazing

July 22, 2021

# 14 “It’s me, black cat, always present”

I NEVER got sick in 2 years, I had to go on vacation with my best friends last night I did a routine PCR test for health passport assessment yesterday morning I am positive and locked up for 10 days, they left without me I see all the snapshots here I have clenched my fists

July 24, 2021

# 15 children and sincerity

Yesterday I led a workshop with children, interaction with one of the children:
“I saw you had a tattoo ..
-Yes!! Would you like to take care of it later?
-God doesn’t like tattoos, you go to hell “

July 23, 2021

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