Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 318


After a weekend marked by Italy beating England in the Euro 2020 final, and while you wait for Emmanuel Macron’s announcements tonight, we invite you to relax with the 318th edition of our top tweets of the week . Like every week, our community manager checked social networks for tweets that marked the last 7 days. This 318th selection concerns the week from July 5th to July 12th, 2021.

# 1 It’s normal in 94th grade

I was stopped at a red light, a car stops next to me, a man is pulling down the window, I thought he was going to ask me for directions, I am pulling down my window and he is lifting a bag of chicken stain and yelling at me, “What do you mean that, you want chicken? ” “Ptdr is nothing, it’s 94

July 10, 2021

# 2 Just imagine the scene

It’s the salmon that takes the photo or what, he stopped by

4th July 2021

# 3 No choice

When I think back to the day when my computer broke while watching porn and I didn’t dare to fix it …..

July 9, 2021

# 4 The memories!

“Here I show you my most valuable possession …”

July 7, 2021

# 5 pragmatism

A lady in the supermarket: Sir, you big ones, grab the noodle package at the top of the shelf …

Me: Madam, I am a universalist, there is neither big nor small, there are only people.

I left with a light heart and took the last packet of pasta

July 6, 2021

# 6 Better than nothing than

25 years ago I asked myself if I was going to be a Joey, a Chandler or even a Ross ( ud83d ude12), thanks to the imprisonment I became the fat man completely naked

July 6, 2021

# 7 Ah family movies …

My aunt came and told me to choose a film for us. I need to find a movie without ANY sex scene or even sex cues. Otherwise it will tell the village that I made him watch porn.

July 6, 2021

# 8 Hello mom

Have you ever felt the pain of going out with someone who is greeting the whole world? Ptdr

July 9, 2021

# 9 Do you have the info? It’s for a friend!

I am arrested at 5:50 p.m.

– Hello woman, alcohol test, have you been drinking?
– Well, no, I’m from work
– Where do you work ?

Wowowo, are there some places we can have a drink?

July 9, 2021

# 10 Should we tell him or not?

My type: “We’ll go with you [son meilleur ami] 3/4 days in a somewhat spartan hut, in the countryside. It’s gonna be cool back to nature like Brokeback Mountain “
I’m sorry???
He: “You know the movie, I haven’t seen it, but two friends go camping”

July 9, 2021

# 11 When he finds out the truth

Oedipus when he understood he had married his mother

July 9, 2021

# 12 It won’t hurt

One has to look at the immune system and the antibodies in the former lifetime, because that is no longer possible.

July 10, 2021

# 13 The geniuses

Shortly before the invention of the mailbox.
The startup nation is tough.

July 10, 2021

# 14 Belong to the elite

I think of the time in college when you had to wear your Eastpack as low as possible to avoid being tall and the year after that when you had to wear it as high as possible to avoid being tall

July 5, 2021

# 15 Do we agree?

Really don’t talk to me about the vacation budget, we’ll pass the card on until she says no.

July 7, 2021

So much for those new top tweets. We’ll meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 317th selection from the past week here.