Top 15 Tweets of the Week # 285


Last straight line before deconfining begins! While we wait for the President of the Republic’s new announcements tomorrow night, we invite you to change your mind with issue 285 of our top tweets of the week. Like every week for 285 weeks, our community manager monitors social networks to select tweets for you that have flagged the last week. This 285th selection concerns the week from November 16-23, 2020.

# 1 The arrival of 5G

Have you chosen the operator for your vaccine?

November 16, 2020

# 2 Fine, but we’ll say anime in this case

6th year science and technology textbook ud83d ude2d

November 16, 2020

# 3 Use the Force Luke!

May the force be with you

November 16, 2020

# 4 the circle of hell

I am introducing → I am ending
new series season
↑ ↓
“I won’t find ←” When will that
never better. ” Season 2 ? “”

22nd November 2020

# 5 Incredible!

Rare picture of two water droplets that are not similar like two water droplets.

18th November 2020

# 6 Not stupid!

Honestly everyone is rushing to the PS5 while for that price you can buy 2 PS4 and make a PS8. Think a little.

19th November 2020

# 7 Maybe we should have read the 2020 one

I won’t enter 2021 until I’ve read the terms and conditions.

20th November 2020

Effectiveness of vaccine # 8

Pfizer: 90%
Sputnik V: 92%
Moderna: 94.5%

Heisenberg: 99.1%

November 16, 2020

# 9 Maybe one day …

The Pfizer lab says the vaccine comes with a copy of Cyberpunk 2077

November 16, 2020

# 10 Guess who ate an ink cartridge

Guess who decided to eat the ink cartridge?

November 16, 2020

# 11 The good old days

To say that there are some who never knew the moment when you ran away from your parents at the crossroads to listen to CDs with headphones in the music department.

17th November 2020

# 12 genius


17th November 2020

# 13 Do you do it too?

The hour is serious: I’ve reached the point where it makes me strange to see people without a mask

19th November 2020

# 14 makes all the difference

Those who say the poor man with his handicap don’t forget that I haven’t walked a Lego since 1994!

19th November 2020

# 15 A golden offer!

Okay guys, I’ll have a PS5. I even managed to negotiate 50 balls ud83e udd70

20th November 2020

So much for these new top tweets. We’ll meet again next week for a new selection. In the meantime, you can always discover or rediscover the 284th selection from the last week here.