Top 10 Greatest Psychopaths in History

A few years ago we offered you an article on 5 murders in history that still go unanswered. Today we’re delving back into evil and darkness to bring you the top 10 greatest psychopaths in history. Besides, we don’t just find psychopaths, there is a little bit of everything: sociopaths, sadists … There is everything in nature! Suppose we could have used the term “dangerous madmen” as well. In any case, these 10 people, we are very happy that we never crossed their path.

10) Phalaris

We’ll start from the beginning with a typical owl named Phalaris. It’s about a tyrant who took power in Sicily around -570. The tyrant has left its mark on history since his atrocities gave his people a cold sweat. His alleged atrocities include cannibalism (he himself said he ate infants who were still nursing their mothers’ breasts), but also the famous tale of the cheeky bull. Perillos of Athens actually invented a system of torture that made it possible to lock the victims in a bronze bull. A fire was lit under the bull and the captured victims slowly roasted. Their screams sounded like howls. Of course, Phalaris asked for a demonstration and decided that it would be Perillos himself who would toast his invention. Sadism is child’s play!

9) Luis Alfredo Gravito

Here is the very first contemporary serial killer on this list, Luis Alfredo Gravito. The latter admitted the rapes and murders of 147 boys in 1999. However, according to maps made by the convicts to find the bodies of his victims, it is estimated that the number of his murders could exceed 300. In order to achieve its goals, Gravito gained the trust of rather poor boys who hadn’t lost much.

8) pedro alonso lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez, also known as “The Andean Monster,” is a Colombian serial killer who confessed to being responsible for the kidnappings, rapes and murders of 310 children. In 1998 the killer said he would continue killing and was released anyway. He is still at large today. A good creepy story around the campfire, isn’t it?

7) basil ii

Basil II is a Byzantine emperor who ruled from 976 to 1025. They will tell us, “Yes, there are many emperors and other heads of state who carried out massacres, so why him?” sneaky and loved the staging more than anything. At that time the Bulgarians threatened the empire, but after a victorious battle the danger is over. On this occasion and because Basil is like that, he erases the eyes of 15,000 captured Bulgarian soldiers and spares 150 so that they can lead the others to their Tsar Samuel. The latter would have been really (really) shocked to see thousands of prisoners this bad and would actually have succumbed to a heart attack two months later. Legend has it that the tsar’s heart attack was caused by this horrific image of mutilated men that was forever engraved on his memory.

6) Nero

You probably know Nero, at least by name. There were some scandals during his reign, but we can already point out that he (or his favorite) would have organized the murder of his mother Agrippina and that he would have applied for divorce at the time for infertility and had his wife executed (Octavia). Rumor has it that he also played the lyre during the great fire in Rome, which lasted 6 days (some at the time claimed he was also responsible for the fire, but recent sources tend to exonerate him). On the other hand, he was well responsible for the murder of many Christians in Rome who were to be thrown into lions or burned alive. After that, it’s decadence. His relatives suspected of conspiracy? They are. His adoption stepsister who refuses to marry him? Killed. Again, you only have a few examples. In its time it was also known as the “poison of the world”. And that’s not nothing.

5) Ivan the Terrible

Ivan “Le Terrible” lives up to his nickname. The first tsar of Russia (1547-1584) was at the mercy of the boyars, a noble family who humiliated him because he had to ascend the throne (and hence existed a reign) at the age of three. In 1560, after the death of his wife, Ivan began the descent into hell. He installs a terror regime, especially against the boyars. He relies on the opritchniks (his personal police force) to kill and terrorize people. Ivan, for his part, is looking for new instruments of torture. In particular, he will install very large kettles filled with boiling water and others filled with ice water. He alternately dips the victims in these two cauldrons until their skin is ragged (a good appetite, of course). In 1581 he fatally beat his own son, who had come to protect his pregnant wife, and was attacked by Ivan. The tsar will never get over it.

4) vlad the impaler

Vlad the Impaler was Bram Stoker’s role model to create Dracula, that says a lot. The Prince of Wallachia loved blood. When he adjourned in Constantinople, he was impaled and found the concept really meaningful. If he goes to war against the Ottomans, he decides to do the same. He impales his own wounded soldiers who fled the enemy on their backs and then impales one of twelve soldiers in groups who refuse to go into battle. The hangman refuses to impale so many people? Well he’s impaled too! There are several ways to impale someone, but ultimately, Vlad likes it most when the insert is driven through the anus and comes out through the mouth. A hideous method of killing, but one that seems to amuse him. We’d rather restrict Dracula now.

3) Caligula

Caligula is another troubled Roman emperor. At least that’s what we think if we trust Suetonius’ words, even though we don’t end up knowing much about reality. However, if you honor Suetonius, you are dealing with a despot who has got into debauchery and considers himself a relative of Jupiter and therefore equal to a god. He would have been incestuous with his sister Drusilla for many years. On top of that, he would have been a sadist who took great pleasure in torturing people, including senior senators. Caligula went down in history as a man who cannot resist his desires and impulses and who has the power to achieve anything he imagined (and that’s scary). There is only the moon that he could never have.

2) the bloody countess

Elizabeth Bathory, nicknamed “the Bloody Countess”, is a Hungarian countess who was born in 1560. She and four alleged accomplices were arrested as 300 testimonies were collected against them between 1610 and 1611). Some of the atrocities committed include beatings that resulted in death, mutilation, extreme cold, malnutrition, and even the use of needles. Although we don’t know the exact number of victims, some believe we can count 100 or 200. However, a testimony confirms that the Countess recorded all these victims in a notebook and that the number was 650.

1) Gilles de Rais

Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, better known as Gilles de Rais, is a knight and lord of Brittany who was born around 1405. In October 1940, Gilles de Rais was charged with heresy, sodomy and the murders of “one hundred and forty children” or more. “According to the texts of the time, some believe that Gilles de Rais would have killed between 600 and 800 children today. He played with their bodies and created it doesn’t get pleasure until he tortured her and then killed her. Each child could only “serve” once or twice before they died. We’re giving you the details of all this torture because it’s really hardcore. A big one fat patient, Gilles.

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