Top 10 Craziest Concepts for Apple’s Next iPhone


Speculation about an upcoming iPhone is rife. Everyone wants to know what Apple’s new baby will look like. Small leaks have already leaked here and there, but nothing seems to satisfy the impatience of the apple brand’s fans.

Top 10 Most Amazing Fan-Made iPhone Designs

What will the next generation of iPhone on the market look like? Unfortunately we are not yet in a position to provide an answer to this sensitive question. However, some people think they can do it for us! Many fans have set out on a mission to realize the best concepts for the next iPhone. Maybe Apple will be inspired by this for the following generations … Foldable smartphone, zero bezel, new screen on the back, at least we can say that the hype is very present!

10) An inserted rear window (PS Design)

This model assumes that adding a second screen would be a good idea. The presented iPhone is quite simple, but the proposed new functionality would make it much easier to take pictures with your smartphone.

9) A mini screen always on the back (PS Design)

The idea of ​​a rear window seems decidedly more than a dream come true. PS Design offers us a different concept with something much smaller this time. The secondary screen size of this iPhone is 3 inches. A model that is hardly inspired by the Xiaomi brand smartphones.

8) New on all levels (Tricky Tech)

Tricky Tech offers us a slightly more advanced design than its predecessors. First of all, you can say goodbye to the notches. At the side edges, the screen is slightly curved at the front and flat at the back.

The back of the model is also very interesting. Better photos can be taken with a new sensor. The idea of ​​a secondary screen is back in play here.

7) The fashion for foldable screens

What else can you say? The whole story is told in one picture. This model is in trend in recent years. It must be said that a foldable iPhone really covets you!

6) Touch-sensitive edges (ConceptsiPhone)

This new iPhone concept is based on the design of the fourth generation of Apple smartphones. However, it is innovative with its fully tactile side margins. You could serve as a real control center here.

5) a sliding iPhone (Conceptsiphone)

What if Apple revived the old fashion of sliding laptops? Of course, always on the cutting edge of technology, the manufacturer would add a nice screen instead of a possible keyboard. This would give an incredible result as ConceptsiPhone can imagine. Among other things, it would be much more pleasant to type your friends with a horizontal virtual keyboard.

4) an ubiquitous touchscreen (ConceptsiPhone)

New model, new idea. This time the iPhone comes in the form of an imposing touchscreen. No more notches or borders on the program. A real treat for fans of films or series who can watch their content on their smartphone under the best possible conditions.

3) A flip smartphone (LetsGoDigital)

A possible foldable iPhone could take up a lot of space in your pockets. For this reason, several other equally innovative concepts have come up. LetsGoDigital has developed a true “flip” smartphone that would embed the latest technologies of the present and the future.

2) A pretty plausible model (Enoylity Technology)

Why is this model second? Simply because it is the perfect mix between the new and the old. Enoylity Technology wants Apple’s next iPhone to have a design in its vision that is very similar to yesterday’s models.

Beyond the rectangular format, the mobile device retains its notches. Gorgeous tactile borders have been added to the vintage and stylish ensemble.

1) The iPhone of the Future (You Tech)

At the top of the package is an ultra-futuristic iPhone mockup. Here the smartphone hardly has a metal notch or a metal edge. The entire mobile device consists of a large, bright touchscreen. A dream that would certainly turn out to be unrealizable. Where the hell could we put our hands if not on our screen.