Top 10 Best Villains Saitama Met

The One-Punch Man universe is full of monsters and villains, each more terrifying than the other. As we look forward to hearing some information about the upcoming third season, we invite you to travel back in time and remember the 10 best villains Saitama has encountered. This article also pertains solely to the monsters Saitama encountered in the first two seasons of the anime, in order to avoid spoiling only those who are only anime. We start without further delay!

10) the king of beasts

The second strongest member of the House of Evolution is extremely arrogant and can multiply his muscles tenfold when very angry. It didn’t last long in the anime, but it had the merit of making us laugh.

9) beetles

The mutated beetle who is the most powerful first fighter named by Dr. Genus has enabled us to understand where Saitama’s phenomenal strength came from (or not). We appreciated watching him decompose, realizing the power of his adversary.

8) Mousmetics

The voracious bloodthirsty mutant mosquito also has a strong appetite for fight. In episode 2 of One-Punch Man, she showed us what a cool monster is that knows how to measure a fighter’s strength when both paws have been torn off. A small achievement.

7) the king of the depths

The King of the Downs gave us a very emotional moment with Roulettes Rider before we got hired again. The Demon Scourge monster loves to humiliate enemies before biting them. He’s a very good villain at that, there’s no denying that.

6) sound

Sonic the Lightning is not a cute hedgehog and stands out from his fellow men in that he only has one thing in mind: to take revenge on Saitama. He’s become a real running gag in the anime, and his stubbornness definitely makes him unique.

5) Patriarch of the great millipede

The dragon-level insect monster has the eyes of many characters in the anime wide open, and we have to admit ours too. A simple centipede is not exactly to everyone’s taste, but then a giant armored centipede … it’s hell.

4) mutant

The Lieutenant of the Monster Association likes strong and particularly stubborn opponents. The character’s aesthetics and the fact that he has absolutely no empathy make him well positioned on this ranking but still fail at the bottom of the podium.

3) garoh

On the third step of the podium we find the one who declares himself a monster man and a hero hunter. His side full of contradictions makes him one of the most interesting characters in the work (and the arc that affects him in the manga is especially good).

2) Boros

In second place in this ranking we find Lord Boros, the extraterrestrial who is (or almost) the master of the entire universe. Saitama still defies the intruder, but his fight with Lord Boros went down in history.

1) the mosquito

In first place in this ranking we absolutely had to quote the monstrous, the terrible, the spectacular: the mosquito. The only monster and the only scourge for humanity that Saitama did not eliminate! So the strongest of them all. No argument possible.

Bonus: black sperm and Princess Supersado

As a bonus, we had to evoke two characters that Saitama didn’t meet but that tagged us. As for Black Sperm (“Zoosperme Noir” in French), the latter definitely has a name too … ambiguous for us to miss.

We also had to tell you about Princess Supersado, who Saitama doesn’t meet in the anime but who has merit of being a villain who is well remembered. Sadism in all its glory!

And you, who is your favorite villain or monster in the One Punch Man universe? We’ll let you reply in the comments section to find out if it’s part of our ranking! And if the latter got you nostalgic, you can always take our quiz on Season 1 of One-Punch Man to get your brain (and memory) exercised.

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