Tom Holland could have the role that all Hollywood stars envy


After the phenomenal success of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the MCU films he starred in, Tom Holland must redouble his efforts to find a role as prominent as Spider-Man. It is a very special opportunity that is being offered to him right now.

What future for Tom Holland after Spider-Man?

Tom Holland has gained international popularity thanks to his portrayal of Spider-Man in the MCU, but he is nonetheless a very young actor who has yet to prove himself in the world of cinema. With the superhero teenage character looking directly at him it will be interesting to see which direction he’s headed next. So could 2022 be the year of renewal for him?

In February, Tom Holland will leave the Spider-Man costume for Nathan Drake in the film Uncharted and not James Bond as he had hoped. So we’re sticking to the big budget blockbuster, which won’t be the case for a completely different role that he could take on in the following month: that of the master of ceremonies for the Oscars 2022.

Tom Holland, first Oscar master of ceremonies since 2018?

The 94th edition of the Oscars takes place on March 27th, with the great honor of being the first to welcome a Master of Ceremonies since 2018. In the past year, it was apparently primarily Covid-19 that caused much upheaval, pushing the ceremony to move to Los Angeles. This year, however, you are returning to the traditional Dolby Theater in Hollywood, with confirmation that “this year the Oscars will have a host,” as ABC Entertainment’s president Craig Erwich put it.

But why should Tom Holland be this mysterious host? After a 2019 edition that canceled the comic book Kevin Hart due to tweets classified as homophobic and two special editions due to the pandemic, the 25-year-old Hollywood star had expressed interest in the role of master of ceremonies. However, the organizers said they contacted him about this. Tom Holland then became the youngest Oscar presenter in history at the age of 28, after Anne Hathaway in 2011.