Tom Holland attacks Martin Scorsese after commenting on Marvel movies

In 2019, Martin Scorsese caused controversy by criticizing Marvel films. Two years later, actor Tom Holland reacts to the legendary filmmaker in the full promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Holland’s answer

While promoting his latest masterpiece, The Irishman, which brought together Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese had some extremely harsh words about Marvel films since they weren’t cinema. Since then, two visions of cinema have collided and many personalities have decided for or against the statements of the director of Taxi Driver, Les Affranchis and Casino.

Several actors who participated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were able to speak out and defend the films under the famous license. Starting with Robert Downey Jr., the performer of Iron Man, Marty’s words “hurt the movies”. Kevin Feige, the MCU’s great craftsman, also spoke out in favor of defending his kingdom.

Two years later, it’s the turn of British actor Tom Holland, revealed through his role as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, to defend the Marvel films. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the young actor, hoping for his first Oscar nomination, said:

Ask Scorsese if he would like to direct a Marvel movie. He doesn’t know what it is because he never did. I’ve made Marvel movies and other films that have been talked about in the Oscar world and the only real difference is that the former are more expensive than the latter. But in the way the characters appropriate, the way the directors do, developing the narrative arc and the characters … It’s exactly the same, it’s just a different scale. I think it’s really art.

Words that should surely make people react. Aside from the fact that Tom Holland appears to indirectly deny Scorsese the right to have an educated opinion about the Marvel films for not having realized one, the young British actor makes arguments that will debate the involvement of actors and directors in entertainment cinema and more in classic cinema.

Some will surely be outraged by this debate, which they (perhaps rightly) consider sterile. However, it undoubtedly finds its legitimacy in the difficulties filmmakers encounter in finding funding for their films. We are obviously thinking of Martin Scorsese, whose only streaming platforms seem to want to finance his new films, or of Francis Ford Coppola, who has put all his fortune into his next SF feature film.

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