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Tom Hanks’ son complains he doesn’t have a ‘strong male role’

Tom Hanks’ son complains he doesn’t have a ‘strong male role’

The rebellious and controversial Chet Hanks made headlines again, this time at his father’s expense.

Hanks is the black sheep of the family

At 31, he’s sort of the black sheep of the Hanks family. Chet, the son of the beloved Tom Hanks, seems to have preferred to embrace the rebellious and controversial spirit. In a recent interview, he pointed guns at his father and youth.

“I didn’t have a strong male role model who said to me, ‘Fuck these guys, they’re just jealous of you,'” he said of the bullying he suffered as a young man precisely because he was a Hanks. Fame and money were both issues for Chet back then, who admits he had a hard time adjusting to his peers.

“You have all these things that they want too, and they end up trying to make you feel bad to make you feel like shit. It’s all because they’re jealous,” he explains on his new YouTube channel, which he’s titled The Truth of What It’s Like to Grow a Hanks.

“I didn’t have anyone to explain it to me, so it’s me, in my older self, telling my younger self what it needs to hear,” he notes. “I was met with a lot of contempt, a lot of hostility, a lot of negativity because everyone was willing to hate me.”

The actor explains that these difficulties have led him to wear something to fight with. It got colder but hard. “People messed with me, but they never put it in my face. It was always behind my back, they spoke ill of me.”

Although he speaks about the difficulties, he recognizes many of the privileges he was entitled to as the son of Tom Hanks. “There are many benefits, but sometimes it can be weird,” he says. “I’ve been able to do a lot of cool things that most people haven’t had the opportunity to do. I have traveled the world, stayed in good hotels, flown on private jets and feel blessed for all of it. I wouldn’t change anything. I love my parents,” he admits.

“My experience got more complicated because I wasn’t even famous, it’s not just that fame is toxic. I was just the son of someone famous. I’ve never done anything to earn all that recognition, and that generated a lot of hostility, which of course was directed at me. My father is loved. It stands on a pedestal.”

Chet Hanks’ life was troubled and marked by drug use, domestic violence and allegations of racism. Consider NiT’s profile.


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