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The process of coming to terms with the burst autotoll debacle is still ongoing. Now the FDP faction is filing a lawsuit against the Federal Department of Transportation. She wants to know how expensive a failure can be.

Berlin (dpa) – The FDP wants to speed up the pace against the Ministry of Transport to deal with the debacle about the car toll.

The parliamentary group of the FDP has filed a complaint against the ministry before the administrative court in Berlin, Oliver Luksic, member of the Bundestag, told the German news agency. The background is an expert opinion on the so-called gross business value and thus the possible compensation for the car toll. According to the FDP, the ministry has so far refused to see the report.

The toll investigation committee will continue its work next week. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the FDP had requested access to the expert opinion of an accounting firm. The gross operating value of the planned operator was determined according to the so-called key date audit procedure, which plays an important role in the dispute over compensation. According to the FDP, the ministry rejected the application last August. The FDP has objected to this and is now filing a lawsuit in September.

“Citizens have the right to learn about the looming cost of the failed car toll,” said Luksic. A neutral report quantifying these costs has been available for months, but is kept under lock and key by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

The German model for a car toll failed in the summer of 2019 before the European Court of Justice. The opposition accuses Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) of serious errors, for example in procurement law. He also entered into contracts before there was legal certainty. The proposed operators are claiming damages of 560 million euros after the federal government canceled the contracts immediately after the ruling. Scheuer dismisses the allegations.

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management had justified the refusal to inspect the report on the grounds that it was possible that the information could have a negative influence on the arbitration procedure with the actually intended operating companies. Luksic said the arbitration process does not preclude the right to access the expert opinion.

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