Today’s Wordle #571 Hints, Clues And Answer For Wednesday, January 11th

Wednesday is called after the Norse god, Odin. When individuals discuss Odin—the Allfather—they typically evaluate Odin to Zeus, since each had been the kings of their respective pantheons. Each Zeus and Odin needed to combat and vanquish members of the family to say their respective thrones.

Zeus toppled his father, Cronus, the king of the Titans. Odin fought his grandfather, Ymir, the cosmic frost big. Zeus dominated from Olympus, and Odin from Asgard. However the similarities between the 2 finish right here. Zeus is portrayed as a mighty god, thunderbolt in hand, ruling from atop a excessive mountain. Odin is extra mysterious, wandering round disguised as a wanderer or a raven. He’s the god of poets, a seeker of data and knowledge.

Zeus was a god of huge appetites, seducing mortal and immortal girls, and a person of equally fast mood. Odin was extra mild-mannered and delicate.

However each cherished birds! Zeus had an enormous golden eagle named Aetos Dios as a companion. Odin stored two ravens, Huginn and Muninn alongside together with his pair of wolves, Geri and Freki. His horse, Sleipner, had eight legs and will journey throughout oceans and the sky.

Okay, sufficient mythology. Let’s do that Wordle!

I’m unsure why I guessed skein—which might imply a loosely coiled thread of yarn, or a sophisticated state of affairs, or a flock of geese—however it appeared like a very good phrase and when it popped into my head I went with it. How fortunate it turned out to be!

Solely two phrases remained to me at this level, although I admit I considered three prospects. Together with sedan and seven a 3rd phrase that in all probability isn’t within the reply pool. You may determine it out for your self. In any case, I leaned towards seven at first (due to the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton movie) however in the end went with one thing that didn’t embody a double letter. I needed to decide one and I did and it was proper.

And that makes me the winner! Wordle Bot took three guesses. Tallying my rating that equals:

2 factors for guessing in simply two + 1 level for beating Wordle Bot = 3 factors! Huzzah!!

Have a superb Odin’s Day, dearest Wordlers!

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