Today’s free game is sure to delight medieval RPG fans

Since December 16, the Epic Games Store has been offering a new game every day until the end of the month. Yesterday the spotlight was on Vampyr, a narrative action RPG game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Today, new year, this time a game that focuses on pure role-playing in the style of Baldur’s Gate, the first Fallout or Original Sin.

Build your kingdom on the stolen lands

Its free game every day. After titles like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden or Vampyr, a new free game from Epic Games is offered to this day, which makes fan service like an Advent calendar. A welcome offer in this time of calm. Today from 5 p.m. it’s time for role-playing games with a heroic fantasy flair.

Your name Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Enhanced Plus Edition. This isometric RPG was developed by Russian studio Owlcat Games and used a Kickstarter campaign for release in 2018. In Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the player explores the infamous Stolen Lands, a wild and dangerous land full of opponents. It’s about exploring areas, conquering them and building your own kingdom. After a third DLC entitled Beneath the Stolen Lands, which was released in 2019, an Enchanced Edition has been released that offers additional content, such as:

many additions that improve the game experience, as well as dozens of ergonomic functions, new skills and possibilities for developing your character, including a whole new class of new items and weapons, better balance, especially at the beginning of the game and in the last two chapters an improved kingdom management system, Random battles on the world map more varied in terms of balance as well as usability and player comfort Thousands of fixes and improvements since the first release of the game

Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be available for PC and Mac until 5 p.m. tomorrow, before Epic Games announces its next game to forget about burying it for Christmas 2021.


As always, you may not be able to pick up the game from the Epic Games Store. But don’t worry, rest assured, it’s quite easy on the double identification page that needs to be addressed. In fact, here are the step-by-step instructions to follow:

Log into your account on the Epic Games Store website and go to Settings Click the Password & Security Tab Enable Two Factor Authentication Choose between Authenticator or Email Authentication – Mail or SMS depending on your preferences

As for the next free game from the Epic Games Store, we’ll have to wait until December 25th at 5 p.m. to find out its identity.

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