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‘Till life do us part’: The wonderful Portuguese series is now available to watch on Netflix

‘Till life do us part’: The wonderful Portuguese series is now available to watch on Netflix

NiT has seen RTP’s original production and has no doubts: it’s one of the best national productions in recent years.

The characters are one of the strengths.


After Glória, another Portuguese series is coming to Netflix. It’s called “Till Life Do Us Part” and will premiere on the streaming platform this Thursday, February 10. However, it is an original RTP production – it premiered on the public broadcaster in February last year and then became available on RTP Play.

Now it will likely be seen by a much wider audience. On the one hand, there are many Portuguese who haven’t seen the series yet, but now that it has arrived on Netflix they will be curious to know it. On the other hand, the eight episodes of “Till Life Do Us Part” are available in all countries where the platform is present.

This series – written by João Tordo, Hugo Gonçalves and Tiago R. Santos (who had previously created País Irmão together) – follows the Paixão family. They organize weddings on the farm they live on, and the initial structure of the narrative means they host a different ceremony in each episode, with brides and grooms with their own stories.

But what is always most important in “Until Life Separates Us” is the family of the protagonists. Daniel (Dinarte Branco) is the father, one who never wanted to be a wedding photographer but life made him do it. His relationship with Vanessa (Rita Loureiro) is in a kind of mid-life crisis, in an existential state of limbo between comfort and the common business, but without the characteristic imprint in the family name.

Frustrated by the present, Vanessa repeatedly wonders if she shouldn’t have made a different decision a few years earlier – when she had the chance to “escape” to a seemingly easy-going and free life with the prettier and more seductive Vasco (Albano Jerónimo). “. Daniel’s college classmate who was her last boyfriend before her now husband.

The Paixãos have two children in their early 20s, Rita (Madalena Almeida) and Marco (Diogo Martins). Both are pragmatic, central to overcoming the family business and, above all, the crises of the parents. Vanessa’s parents still live with them, Joaquim (José Peixoto) and Luísa (Henriqueta Maia), who is showing increasing signs of dementia due to age.

The series is very well constructed in the way it presents the characters and their dilemmas, as it shows that these are people (as they exist in real life) that are multifaceted, dense and complex.

Across the eight episodes there are also a number of flashbacks – trips into the past that only help to keep the story and these characters alive even more, and aren’t a storytelling mechanism that’s taken for free to exhaustion like many are international series is the case at this level. The coherence between the different timelines is amazing and only adds to the elevation of the plot.

In addition to the protagonists, there are a number of small characters (one-dimensional ones, of course) that give us some of the funniest and most unique moments. The security duo in the nightclub where Daniel takes photos, Daniel’s boss in this club, Dário Notar or Vanda da Banda are some of them.

Like the best series, “Til Life Do Us Part” pays great attention to detail – and even the most insignificant scene to the story as a whole can be quite rich. They are often the most fun.

Striking an ideal balance between comedy and drama – which many stories fail to achieve optimally – writing this production is one of her best qualities. It balances most of the conversations with philosophical thoughts that we all can have in our daily life, while giving us more and more realistic and sarcastic observations about our daily life. There are many lines of dialogue that reflect our reality – something that many Portuguese productions struggle with and which only reinforces the sense of identification with the audience.

He’s not an alien on Portuguese TV – like Marco Martins’ “Sara” in 2018 – neither is he trying to invent the wheel, but he manages to have a bold line. Whether in the inspired direction of Manuel Pureza or in the more surreal moments of the script, such as Vanessa’s menopausal madness or Marco’s dreams.

Another of the greatest qualities is the cast, which is absolutely incredible. Dinarte Branco and Rita Loureiro have two of their biggest (and deserved) roles of their careers here – and Madalena Almeida and Diogo Martins are perfect as their children, providing all the necessary nuances to give these characters the right strength. Veterans Henriqueta Maia and José Peixoto play a tender elderly couple who also become one of the key pieces of the narrative.

For all that – and also for the great music of the generic created by Cassete Pirata – “Até que a Vida nos Separe” is by far one of the best Portuguese series of recent years. And for that he deserves all the credit.

NiT voted it one of the best series of 2021. Click on the gallery to see the full list.


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