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Because it’s Thursday—or Thor’s Day—I believed we’d do some trivia. Particularly, Thor trivia. So listed here are some enjoyable details concerning the Norse god of thunder.

  • Thor was a well-liked god amongst all of the Germanic individuals pre-Christendom, although the height of his reputation befell throughout the late Viking Age in Scandinavia.
  • Thor’s nemesis is Jormungand, the gargantuan serpent that encircles the human world, Midgard. The 2 finally face off throughout Ragnarok. Becoming a member of Jormungand on this last battle is Fenrir the wolf, devourer of worlds—and of Odin. Thor and Jormungand will finally slay each other. Thor slaughters the snake with livid blows of his hammer, Mjölnir, however finally ends up lined in a lot of the serpent’s venom that he takes solely 9 extra steps earlier than perishing.
  • Some gods survive Ragnarok and discover themselves in an attractive new world. Vidar—Odin’s son who takes vengeance upon the wolf Fenrir—together with Vali, Baldur and Hodr. Thor’s personal sons, Modi and Magni, are mentioned to outlive Ragnarok—relying on which tales you imagine.
  • One time, Thor’s hammer was stolen by giants and brought to their world, Jotunheim. Loki discovers the hammer within the possession of the chief big, Thrym who tells Loki that he received’t return the hammer till Freya turns into his spouse. This prompts Heimdall to suggest an concept: Thor can go to Jotunheim disguised as Freya agreeing to marry the enormous chieftain, as a ploy to retrieve the hammer. He does, with Loki at his facet, after some reluctance. Because of Loki’s silver tongue and trickery, they idiot the enormous, who locations the hammer in “Freya’s” lap to hallow the ceremony. Thor then grabs the hammer and kills Thrym and all the opposite big thieves.

And that’s your Viking lore for the day! Let’s do the Wordle now, lets?

Right now’s Wordle Resolution (Spoilers!)

The Trace: Jim [___] and [___] Grant share this identify however not spelled fairly this manner.

The Clue: There’s a double letter on this phrase.

The Reply:

Properly my guesses immediately have been fortunate after which some. Nonetheless took three guesses, so this wasn’t two-guess-luck nevertheless it was fairly shut!

Past mere luck, my opening guess—bawdy—was additionally ironic. I didn’t comprehend it on the time, however the truth that guessing bawdy left me with 69 remaining options is, if nothing else, hilariously ironic.

Fortunate, too, with two inexperienced bins—although numerous doable phrases remaining. I went with fancy for guess quantity two. I may have tried to get rid of extra potential letters moderately than go for a phrase that included my two inexperienced letters, however nothing got here to thoughts. Fancy shaved the remaining options all the way down to 7.

Now I had a yellow ‘C’ and I used to be nearly 100% sure that it wasn’t the center letter. That will nearly definitely necessitate an ‘H’ and a few phrase ending with ACHY, which rung no bells.

After I put the ‘C’ within the opening field I instantly considered sweet, however each the ‘N’ and ‘D’ have been already eradicated. The very subsequent phrase I considered was carry, which I used to be nearly sure wouldn’t be the right reply, however would no less than let me know if I used to be proper concerning the ‘C.’

Lo and behold, I used to be not solely proper concerning the ‘C’ but in addition concerning the double R’s—and I carried my very own group—of 1—throughout the end line. Huzzah!

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