Thuringia: AfD brings no-confidence motion against Ramelow | free press


The failed state elections in Thuringia have an aftermath: the AfD faction, classified as far-right, attacks left-wing Prime Minister Ramelow with a vote of no confidence.

Erfurt (AP) – In Thuringia, the AfD wants to overthrow Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) and his red-red-green minority government via a vote of no confidence.

In response to the failed re-election of the state parliament, the AfD faction filed on Monday the request for a constructive vote of no confidence. Against Ramelow (65), group leader Björn Höcke wants to run for the office of prime minister. The 49-year-old was classified by the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution as a representative of the disbanded far-right wing of the AfD.

Under the Thuringian constitution, the Landtag in Erfurt can only express mistrust of the prime minister by electing a successor by a majority of its members. “A fifth of the MPs or a political group can table the motion,” says paragraph 73. There must be at least three and no more than ten days between the motion and the election. The vote is secret. It is unclear whether this will happen during this week’s session of the state parliament.

Ramelow is the only prime minister in the entire country who belongs to the left. He was first elected in 2014. He currently heads a red-red-green minority government, which is missing four votes in the state parliament for its own majority. Until now, it has depended on votes from the CDU faction. With the parliamentary summer holidays, the so-called stability pact between red-red-green and the CDU comes to an end.

Höcke had already opposed the left-wing politician in the March 2020 prime ministerial election, but then withdrew in the third ballot. Greens leader Astrid Rothe-Beinlich wrote on Twitter: “Fascist #Höcke in megalomania. Now he wants to be a #MP. There’s only one thing: say no.” She called the AfD’s request a provocation.

The AfD parliamentary group, on the other hand, stated: “With the constructive vote of no confidence that we have requested, we want to create the formal conditions for ending Bodo Ramelow’s failed minority coalition.” It is also open to candidates from other political groups, “who will allow a fresh start in Thuringia”.

The Left and the Greens canceled the dissolution of the state parliament that had been requested Friday along with the SPD and CDU, because the constitutionally required two-thirds majority in addition to the AfD votes was uncertain. After the debacle in the election of short-term Prime Minister Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) last year, there should be no risk that the AfD votes could be decisive, even in an early election to parliament. The state elections, which were planned together with the federal elections on September 26, were also canceled. It should ensure clear majorities in Erfurt.