Those who already have full vaccinations can watch films in the cinema without a mask


In the USA, those who are already fully vaccinated can watch films without a mask in the cinema

Large chains in the US have announced similar measures. All other people must keep up the protection.

The measure comes into force in the USA.

In the United States of America it will be possible to see films in theaters without a mask. The measure was announced by the main chains in the country. It only applies to those who already have a full vaccination against Covid-19. Anyone who has taken one dose or no dose at all should continue to use personal protection.

“In accordance with the latest CDC guidelines [Centro de Controlo e Prevenção de Doenças] and after consulting with public health experts, fully vaccinated viewers in AMC theaters are not required to wear a mask unless required by local and state regulations, ”he told The Hollywood Reporter, a leader of the chain. , the largest in the country.

Despite this change, all other viewers must keep the protection. Other rules imposed, such as blocking some seats and hand disinfection at the entrance, are measures that are maintained in the various cinemas.

In addition to AMC, Regal and Cinemark, other major US film chains have also announced that they will be taking similar measures.