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those animated subpages you may have missed on the platform

In recent years, Netflix has become a great alternative to watching a lot of anime. From Fullmetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Aggretsuko, Fairy Tail to Attack on Titan – the abundance of offers in the platform’s catalog makes it possible to build a solid anime culture. However, aside from the popular content, there are plenty of underrated anime that are well worth checking out. Here is a selection.

Sirius the Hunter

In the 1930s, Sirius the Hunter portrayed a version of Tokyo that vampires had invaded. A group called the Jaegers is charged with stopping them. Most powerful fighter, Yuliy is a werewolf who is driven by a tragic past to hunt down vampires. His village was overrun by vampires as a child and his family was destroyed. He also wants to get his hands on Sirius’ mythical bow before the vampires reach him.

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Kuromukuro is an anime that mixes two genres: mecha and time travel. It shows Yukine Shirahane, a shy schoolgirl whose father runs the United Nations Kurobe Institute, an organization tasked with finding an ancient artifact. When she wakes Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma, a samurai from the Sengoku era, they are both engaged in a fight to protect the earth from alien invaders.


Dorohedoro follows Caiman’s journey through Hole, a violent world filled with magicians, as he tries to undo his curse. Originally human, Caiman was cursed by a magician and now has a reptilian head. He swears to find the person behind it and embarks on a dangerous journey.


After the appearance of a new humanity named Ajin, humanity is in turmoil. Ajins, in fact, have a number of extraordinary powers ranging from immortality to superpower. The government therefore orders that all Ajins be arrested and subjected to painful experiences. The series follows the existence of Kei Nagai, an ordinary student who realizes he is an Ajin and must flee to avoid persecution against his species.

Children of the whales

A group of children live on the remote island of Mud Whale, whose supernatural powers are shortening their lifespan. Some of them hope to make contact with the outside world. Chakuro, the village’s archivist, spends his days looking for other populated islands, but all appear to have been abandoned. One day he finds the remains of an ancient civilization on one of these islands, where a mysterious young girl lives. Little does he know that this discovery will change Mud Whale’s life forever.

Highscore girls

In 1991, 6th grade student Haruo Yaguchi just loved arcade games, the only activity he was good at. When he finds out that his popular classmate Akira Oono is also a video game fanatic, he is angry at first but soon realizes that Akira is far more interesting than he looks and he now has the opportunity to make friends who share his interests.

March comes like a lion

March comes like a lion, following Rei Kiriyama, a lonely Shogi child prodigy (Japanese chess prodigy) who befriends the Kawamoto sisters. Through their friendship, Rei becomes more open to others and begins to heal from her past trauma. Rei and the three sisters develop a heartwarming family bond. The series doesn’t hesitate to explore deeper and more complex topics like depression and bullying.

Forest piano

Kai comes out of poverty, while Shuhei is the son of two accomplished pianists. Despite their significantly different education, the two boys share a common bond: their love for the piano. The two characters are reunited when Syuhei discovers that Kai is playing a seemingly broken piano in the middle of the forest. Together they will discover the secrets of this mysterious piano, build their musical careers and deepen their friendship.

Dragon pilot: Hisone and Masotan

The story follows Hisone Amakasu, a socially ill-adjusted young girl who joins the Air Self-Defense Force to stay in her corner. When she finds a kite she chooses to pilot, her dreams of a quiet life slowly fade.

Carole & Tuesday

In a futuristic world where humanity has migrated to the planet Mars, the series follows two young musicians, Carole and Tuesday, who hope to change the music scene with their authenticity and talent.

Aromas of youth

The film tells three stories, each with different characters who live in a different city. The work shows and addresses a more or less original topic for an animated person: urban life in China.

Lost song

This series follows the adventures of Rin and Finis, both of whom have extraordinary powers. By singing they can heal wounds, create water, control the wind … These skills will bring them together and guide them on their journey to save their beloved village from the ravages of war.


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