Those 15 times when cult actors failed miserably at their casting

Hollywood rhinestones and sequins have always been a fantasy. So much so that for many film fans and amateur actors, the acting profession is a dream.

Those who have the courage to take this path know it: you have to have patience and determination and not be discouraged after another shitty casting.

If this adage applies to newbie actors, it is no less true of Hollywood’s most revered and talented actors. Yes: Even Tom Holland, Idris Elba, Eddie Redmayne or Chris Evans had terribly embarrassing, stressful or humiliating moments when auditioning despite their success.

Today we invite you to look at 15 actors who had particularly traumatic casting experiences for them.

# 1: Chris Klein – Mamma Mia

One of the stars of American Pie would have liked to have played in a famous musical based on the hits of the legendary group Abba: Mamma Mia! However, the hearing was utterly disastrous. And for good reason: if Chris Klein’s playing is passable without being transcendent, it is very different for his vocal abilities. We’ll let you assess for yourself in the following excerpt.

# 2: Ryan Reynolds – In Llewyn Davis

Despite his love for comedies and comic book-inspired action films, Ryan Reynolds is eclectic and doesn’t shy away from staring at more serious films every now and then. At that moment, the Canadian actor tried his luck by auditioning in the lead role of the film Inside Llewyn Davis from the famous Cohen brothers.

Despite being very motivated, Ryan Reynolds admits that he didn’t feel out of place at all during the casting. The Deadpool actor adds that he was bothered by the immense class of the Cohen brothers who did not blame him in the slightest. However, every time they made a mistake, they shook their heads slightly.

“And I imagined them thinking, ‘What are you doing here? Do you have a card from the American Actors’ Union? Or the Canadian card? How did you get in there?”

A good dose of stress that luckily didn’t detract from the Canadian’s legendary humor.

# 3: Idris Elba – Gaston in Beauty and the Beast

Idris Elba may be an extremely classy and talented actor, but he may not be able to realize one of his childhood dreams: playing in a musical. Still, it wasn’t violent to have tried. Upon hearing about the audition for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, the actor took the chance to take on the role of Gaston.

To convince the casting team, he didn’t fail to make persistent calls and explain his determination … while singing.

Unfortunately, his efforts have not paid off. However, knowing that there is a recording of Idris Elba somewhere screaming for the role of Gaston is enough to make us smile.

# 4: Eddie Redmayne – Kylo Ren in Star Wars

The performer of Norbert Dragonneau in Fantastic Beasts had long dreamed of playing the role of the great antagonist of the new Star Wars trilogy. However, there were concerns during the long-awaited hearing: in order to keep the project secret and avoid leaks, the team did not provide very clear guidance.

Since Eddie Redmayne had no idea what role he was going to audition for, he was advised to play a Pride and Prejudice scene while playing the villain. Given the actor’s aristocratic presence, the advice might have been sensible … if he hadn’t acted the scene while mimicking Darth Vader and his big, noisy breaths.

Obviously the result wasn’t too convincing and Redmayne left empty-handed.

# 5: Tom Holland – Finn in Star Wars

Tom Holland also tried his luck in Star Wars. Unfortunately, his legendary lack of focus earned him a particularly comical failure. As with any audition, one of the cast gave him the line. The thing is, his gaming buddy wasn’t anyone else … just a droid.

So the exchange was pretty surreal, Tom Holland uttered typical sentences, such as: “Let’s hurry! We have to go back to the ship!” and received “Blip blip bloup bloup” in response. Spider-Man’s interpreter was easy to crack and had to laugh until he couldn’t finish the audition normally.

# 6: Daniel Radcliffe – Unknown Movie

Daniel Radcliffe had the rare talent of not ruining every chance during foreplay, but just before an audition (especially important to him, which is more.)

While waiting in the casting director’s office for his turn, the Harry Potter actor was chatting with an acquaintance and couldn’t resist the idea of ​​spreading gossip.

At this point, another person enters the room. Daniel Radcliffe says:

“I was in the middle of the story and I felt like I couldn’t stop like this. It would have been cowardly so I continued. When I finished I looked at the man who came into the room and asked him: ‘The person I’m talking about is a very good friend of yours, isn’t it?’ And he said “yes.” And then I had to audition with him.

A moment of terrible palpable embarrassment that, of course, did not allow him to play a role.

# 7: Michael B. Jordan – Star Wars

Like his colleagues before him, Michael B. Jordan tried everything to play in The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, it is arguably the worst audition of his entire career, as the actor himself admits.

As with Eddie Redmayne, the lack of detail that characterized his character was fatal to him. The Killmonger actor didn’t understand the stakes and didn’t blend in properly with the character, resulting in a comic result that the production obviously didn’t like.

We hope, however, that this doesn’t mean that he too tried to take a deep breath.

# 8: Aaron Paul – Jesse in Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul certainly took on the role of Jesse in Breaking Bad. However, it was far from won. During his audition, the American actor forgot some of his lines of dialogue, which can happen.

However, he went through such a difficult professional and financial phase that the fear of failure paralyzed him. The stage fright froze him to such an extent that he nervously bumped against most of the lines and confused him with excuses.

Fortunately, on set, Aaron Paul got along wonderfully with Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, and it is undoubtedly this understanding (combined with his undeniable talent) that brought him his redemption. Despite the success of the series, he still sweats that audition years later.

# 9: Jared Leto – Star Trek

Jared Leto (aka the Joker of Suicide Squad) could have starred in Star Trek! So of course he just had to give a quick answer to one other actor. It only had one line of text.

However, the meager number of sentences was not enough to save his hearing. The actor recalls being so terribly bad that he struggled to keep going.

# 10: Jake Gyllenhaal – Frodo in Lord of the Rings

Jake Gyllenhaal had a unique “chance”: to be something special in the eyes of Peter Jackson. And for good reason: during a casting call, the director told him he was the worst actor he had ever seen in his life.

Although it’s hard to imagine he’s Elijah Wood, Jake Gyllenhaal attempted an audition for the role of Frodo. When he faced the cast in his usual American accent, the director cut him off.

Peter Jackson furiously asked him why he wasn’t playing his character with a British accent, as requested in the ad.

The actor tried to stammer an apology by stating that his agent had not warned him. “Fire your agent,” then hurried to reply to the director before bluntly leaving the room.

# 11: Henry Cavill – James Bond at Casino Royale

Henry Cavill had tried his luck to be the next James Bond in Casino Royale. During foreplay, he was asked to recreate a scene in which Sean Connery comes out of the bathroom, simply clad in a towel and tied at the waist.

Upon seeing a half-naked Henry Cavill, the film’s director, Martin Campbell, made a remark about his weight that was a little more important than expected.

Henry Cavill therefore did not have the role he wanted, but had the courage not to get upset. He came out with a new determination that enabled him to get back to exercise. Evil forever when we see that it allowed him to take on the roles of Superman and Géralt de Riv.

# 12: Charlie Cox – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Charlie Cox is best known for his role as Matt Murdock in Daredevil and the least we can say is that this series had a huge impact on his career. In every sense.

So that role affected him when he auditioned for one of Solo’s roles. During his essay, Charlie Cox was interrupted by the casting director who asked him why he wasn’t looking into his eyes.

The actor then realized that he was so used to acting blind in Daredevil that he stopped looking at people spontaneously.

# 13: Kevin Hart – Host for Saturday Night Live

Not only did Kevin Hart star in films like Jumanji, he also tried to land a role on Saturday Night Live, a famous American talk show. The peculiarity of hearing is that it is based on improvisation and involves an imitation of a famous character.

The actor didn’t make the smartest choice because he chose to imitate Avery Johnson, a basketball coach unknown to us and little better known across the Atlantic.

In addition, his hearing shone for its length when his impersonation was limited to saying with a slight accent, “I’ll pass the ball on to David Robinson”. Kevin Hart was retrospectively proud of himself, but strangely enough, he was never called back …

# 14: Chris Evans – Gone Baby Gone

Chris Evans is more of a charismatic and confident guy … But sometimes he has his bad days like everyone else! When he auditioned for a Ben Affleck film in 2007, all the stars were matched to make this possible.

The problem is, Evans felt overwhelmed by stage fright in the face of the latter and painfully recounts the first contact they had:

I shook his hand and the first thing I said, “Hey! How are you? Do you think it’s okay to park where I left my car?” He replied. “Where are you parked?” I said, “Not far from the parking meter.” “- And you paid?”, “- Yes.”, “I think it will do it then.”

With that said, we can rightly say that the stage fright hasn’t faded over time. Chris Evans was dying to run away from shame. Then during the interview he gave only short, sharp replies while gesturing nervously.

# 15: Bradley Cooper – Green Lantern

Bradley Cooper was thrilled to be offered a superhero role. So he gave all he had during his foreplay to play Green Lantern, which is ultimately played by Ryan Reynolds.

During foreplay, without really knowing why, the actor was able to do a grotesque imitation of Batman. When the director encouraged him to speak normally, he nodded before continuing in his deep false voice.

Bradley Cooper says he retrospectively watched clips of his take and was shamed with shame. He says he feels like he’s facing a parody of Saturday Night Live. A very painful moment for him, but also for Ryan Reynolds, who hated being in this movie.

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