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This Youtuber is accused of crashing a plane to cause a stir

For influencers and content creators, competition is fierce and it is often difficult to stand out. On YouTube, some don’t hesitate to try anything to get noticed, even if it means committing shady acts. An American Youtuber is currently accused of having crashed a plane – exactly that! – to attract attention.

The plague of “fake” videos

When a Youtuber publishes a video, they have a keen interest in being extra engaging to get people talking and draw people in. So, one method used by (too) many content creators is the “fake” video, where the unfolding events are predicted in advance. The goal is obviously to show things that would have little chance in a classic video.

Of course, when the rose pot is discovered, it causes a scandal and can significantly tarnish the manager’s reputation. In France, Greg Guillotin had been there a few years ago for some “prank” videos that were a lot less spontaneous than he would have us believe. But one American Youtuber would have gone much further by crashing his own plane to cause a stir.

An intoxication attempt that could be expensive

Trevor Jacob is a Youtuber with 130,000 subscribers, who is used to watching exciting videos, especially from the plane. Four weeks ago he posted a video titled “I Crashed My Plane”. We therefore see him controlling a device (a Taylorcraft BL64, for those in the know) which he is forced to leave after two minutes of video. So he parachutes in and lets the plane continue to descend before playing Man vs. Wild in California’s Los Padres National Forest and encountering a life-saving farmer.

But Trevor Jacob is currently in the crosshairs of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which oversees civil aviation regulations and controls in the United States. In fact, multiple clues point to everything being planned by the YouTuber. First of all, the authorities emphasize particularly successful tracking shots, as if they had been thought through beforehand. Experts assume that the aircraft was still in flight condition for quite a while given the transmitted images. After all, even the 28-year-old’s subscribers are suspicious: while Trevor always claims to have a parachute in his device, they claim that’s not the case in his other videos.

We’ll have to wait while we await the conclusions of the investigation, but Trevor Jacob could join Logan Paul and his corpse filmed in YouTube’s pantheon of greatest controversies.


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