This weekend “The Mask” returns to SIC with two episodes

This weekend “The Mask” returns to SIC with two episodes

The program was not broadcast last weekend because of the presidential elections and the league cup game.

The program returned earlier this year.

After there was no episode of “The Mask” last weekend due to the league cup game and the presidential elections, the SIC program is back in double doses this Saturday and Sunday, January 30th and 31st.

In the program led by João Manzarra, two masks will be revealed. The format is thus returning to prime time on the Paço de Arcos TV station. The masks for the owl, unicorn, wolf, dinosaur, banana, rabbit and ice cream continue to compete.

So far, Luís Represas, Telma Monteiro, Filipa Nascimento, Adelaide Ferreira, Mónica Sintra, Noémia Costa, Cuca Roseta and Emanuel have been exposed. The research team – consisting of Sónia Tavares, Jorge Corrula, César Mourão and Carolina Loureiro – must continue to try to guess who is behind the other costumes.

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