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This very moving short film will make you cry bitter tears

This short film has just hit Netflix and is very popular on social networks. This is whatever happens I love you that is going to overwhelm you with emotions. Before we tell you more, however, we invite you to watch the trailer.

In fact, everyone is just talking about it! Whatever happens, I love you is a ten-minute short film about grief. We recommend that you watch the production on Netflix before reading the following.

The most important thing is to keep the good memories

If you’re still there, you’ve already seen it or are curious about the reason for its success on the platform.

Produced by Laura Dern who is Dr. Sattler plays in Jurrasic Park, this short film was written and directed by Michael Govier and Will McCormack, who were involved in the scriptwriting of Toy Story 4. Whatever happens, I Love You goes for a simple style of animation, but delivers extremely fair emotions to viewers. The short film, which has been awarded at several festivals, illuminates the deep pain of parents who lose their child in a shootout. The production alternates between melancholy moments and sequences in which good memories are highlighted by pop music. The message of the short film is simple: despite the pain of losing your child, remember as best you can about the beautiful things that have been experienced, even if it is not easy not to fall into sadness and despair. .

To write the story, the authors met with several parents who unfortunately lost their children in a school shooting.

While we wait for the next Oscar ceremony where Whatever Happens I Love You has every chance to win a statuette, all we can do is invite you to see it and talk about it around you.


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