This very ancient legend that inspired Dragon Ball is entitled to your customization


The SVOD platform will publish a new adaptation of this work, which is one of the most famous in Chinese literature. A very old animated film was released in China in the 1960s, and a first adaptation saw the light of day as early as 2014.


And so it is this work that American society will interpret in a new program. You have to know, but Sun Wukong, by his original name, has inspired countless other programs, notably Dragon Ball. In the original work, The Monkey King was born from a rock struck by lightning that gave rise to a stone egg. This particular monkey will fight for the good of its people, its gods, demons and dragons. This animated feature film is itself inspired by the 16th century story Voyage en Occident. The Monkey King is directed by Stephen Chow, a great director from Hong Kong who directed The Mermaid (2016) and Crazy Kung-Fu (2004) in particular.

THE MONKEY KING: An animated action comedy film manager, produced by legendary filmmaker Stephen Chow, produced by Peilin Chou and Kendra Haaland, nominated for an Oscar and nominated by Anthony Stacchi, nominated for an Oscar.

May 20, 2021

Presentation of 3 new films and series by Asian American creators: THE MONKEY KING, BOONS AND CURSES and MECH CADETS.

THE APE KING: An animated action comedy director from legendary filmmaker Stephen Chow, produced by Peilin Chou and Kendra Haaland, Oscar-nominated and directed by Anthony Stacchi, Oscar-nominated.

Other ongoing projects

Stephen Chow is also being asked by Netflix to make other adaptations of Chinese works, including Boons and Curses, an animated comedy series that shows a cosmic war looming. Inspired by ancient South Asia, the series follows a hero three apples tall who will fight the British colonial regime of the time that the Indian subcontinent experienced from 1858 to 1947. Mech Cadets is also a member. American production plans. Coming from the Mech Academy comics, this animated series tells the story of the annual visit of robots who descend once a year to connect with young cadets to fight the aliens that threaten Earth …

All of these projects have just been announced so we can hope they’ll hit streaming by 2023 …