this variant of Loki is the strongest ever


Following the Loki series, we previously offered you to discover the full list of all the variants discovered in the series. Today we invite you to take a look back at Loki’s most powerful variant of all time.

Warning, this item contains loot for the Earth X comic series by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

Earth X, a world of its own

To understand the world in which Loki’s most powerful variant evolved, one must understand his universe. Earth X was developed by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger and is a dystopian comic series. We follow all of the heroes’ adventures in an ambitious alternate universe called Earth-9997 (Earth-9997), where all of humanity has acquired superpowers (after The King of the Inhumans, Black Arrow, released the Mists of Terrigen, a mutagenic natural product , in the world).

In this parallel universe, we discover the tragic fall of heroes like Captain America and the Fantastic Four. Earth X (as well as the following comics namely Universe X, Paradise X, and Marvels X) reveals the hidden story of this reality, with an emphasis on the machinations of the Celestials and, in particular, how they manipulated the gods of Asgard.

Indeed, on Earth-9997, it is revealed that the Celestials manipulated life on Earth to protect the young Celestial in pregnancy in the heart of the planet. As part of this manipulation, the Celestials made the beings who reached the third level of mutation lose all sense of individuality, but also their looks, abilities, and even memories (to keep them from becoming too powerful). As a result of all of this, Loki discovers that the Asgards are an alien race that was turned into Norse gods because that is how they were seen when they first arrived on Earth.

The strongest variant of Loki

As soon as Loki’s true nature is revealed to him, he will do everything possible to free his fellow Asgards. When the Celestials try to counter the Asgarden, Loki’s search continues, and the latter gradually realizes who he really is. As his discoveries progress, the character takes on a new form, making Thor a powerful ally in freeing their oppressed people. Loki and Thor finally manage to reveal the truth to their Asgardian companions, who decide to recapture the life of the gods.

While Thor decides to take on a human form forever, Loki, transformed by his discoveries and various experiences, decides to define himself as a new version of Thor and receives not only his brother’s powers but also a new version of Mjolnir. Interestingly enough, given his level, Loki could have morphed into literally anything and unlocked any ability. This variant of Loki is simply overwhelmed as he was able to surpass the divine power of the heavenly ones (and he chose to embody love and heroism that we’re not really used to in terms of Loki’s character). With the bonus powers of his brother, his Malice and a new version of Mjolnir, this variant is simply unstoppable.

To see Loki’s new (very strange) look, you can check out the picture on the bottom left:

And here’s some fan art created by our colleagues at ScreenRant that illustrates that duality in Loki:

This comic series also allows us to show that the god of malice has the potential to evolve and break away from the role regularly assigned to him, even in particularly complicated circumstances. And if you were a huge Loki series fan, we also invite you to discover our latest season 2 information in a previous article.