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This user is convinced that we finally have proof of the existence of extraterrestrials

It will soon be almost a year since we presented the spectacular video of the Perseverance rover landing on the planet Mars. the opportunity to see unreleased images of the Red Planet, but also unique sequences of the different stages of the robot’s landing. And lately, some footage from Perseverance has raised serious questions, especially for this netizen.

The first sign of life on Mars?

Perseverance’s main objective is to collect samples from the Martian soil in order to analyze them on his return and, who knows, maybe find traces of past life. If its return isn’t expected for several years, the rover is still sharing some incredible photos and videos from Mars.

And just among the images taken by Perseverance in April 2021, there is one that has reignited the debate about the existence of extraterrestrials, and it’s because of an odd detail. In fact, in a video posted to the UFO Sightings Daily channel on YouTube, Scott C. Waring, a UFO and alien enthusiast, is convinced he’s made a discovery by Cut.

Because, by his own admission, he is convinced that he has concrete evidence of the existence of an extraterrestrial life form, thanks in particular to the presence of a humanoid silhouette in one of the photos. In the photo below, Waring explains how we can “easily” distinguish a figure lying on a Martian stone, and even notice footprints on the rock that lead directly to the famous figure, another sign that we are indeed dealing with a new one do have shape of life.

And that’s not all, because as the video progresses Waring shows us several other elements that caught his attention, including a barrel and a kind of torpedo, but also a shelter , a sculpture and even a cocoon or something extraterrestrial capsule, worthy of the best SF.

human brain power

Although the probability that the evidence presented by Waring is genuine is unfortunately very small, it is possible to explain how such optical illusions are possible. We can explain this now well-known phenomenon mainly thanks to pareidolia.

Pareidolia denotes a psychological phenomenon that involves vague and indefinite stimuli (visual or auditory) that are perceived more or less as recognizable and consists in identifying from these stimuli a known form. It can manifest itself in many forms, e.g. B. in a landscape, a cloud, smoke, an inkblot, a human voice, speech, etc. And as noted by Victoria Aguilar, clinical psychologist at BFMTV.

The mind will have this natural and cognitive tendency to give shape to things it doesn’t know, to try not to stay in an unknown or mystical dynamic.

Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from years of research on this topic, it’s that the human brain needs meaning. He must be able to explain what surrounds him and so be able to evoke interpretations of his surroundings that are sometimes very subjective. And if we take a little interest in Waring, we can understand how he manages to see all these details.

He has been posting content on the subject on his YouTube channel and page for more than ten years, so we can assume that it is a real passion for him and that he has invested a lot of time in the topic. . He is therefore more apt to see signs of extraterrestrials where most humans only see pebbles. It also shows the power of the human brain, which when it has an irresistible desire for something, can show us what we want most, where we expect it.


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