This unimagined role of Xenomorphs gives them a whole new meaning

Created by Hans Ruedi Giger, Dan O’Bannon, Carlo Rambaldi, and Ronald Shusett, aliens are fictional extraterrestrial creatures that first appeared in the 1979 film Alien by Ridley Scott. If they are the main antagonists of the films in the Alien saga, the Xenomorphs play an undreamt-of role that gives them a whole new meaning.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for the comic book Alien # 6. If you don’t want to be notified, don’t read any further.

A much larger cosmic role

Aliens are considered ruthless monsters who kill everything that gets in their way. But these creatures have a deeper role that is of great importance in the cosmic scheme.

Earlier this year, Marvel launched a new comic book based on the popular horror and science fiction films Alien. The comic follows Gabriel Cruz, the only person who survived implantation of a Xenomorph embryo. While the embryo was inside of him, Cruz had a vision of a terrible figure he called “the woman of darkness”. And in the sixth edition of Alien, which takes place many years later, he finally learns the truth about these visions, leading to yet another revelation about the Xenomorphs.

Accompanied by his loyal android, Bishop, Cruz is sent to the Weyland-Yutani space station, which is in orbit. His job is to bring his only son Danny back to Earth as he leads a raid to contain the captured Xenomorphs who are revolting. In fact, aliens were captured and experiments were carried out on the creatures to turn them into weapons. Of course the Xenomorphs break out, they destroy the station and sow horror in their way. At the same time, Cruz learns more about the visions he had years ago, and this leads to an important revelation about the role of the Xenomorphs in the universe.

Prometheus’ fire

Gabriel Cruz, the android bishop, and Iris, Danny’s friend, attempt to escape the space station in the latest installment of Alien. At some point the Android Iris approaches, snatches a gun and opens fire on him. The latter appears to be killing them, which is very shocking since androids are not allowed to kill. The reader quickly learns that Iris is not really Danny’s girlfriend, but actually a rebellious synthesizer of unknown origin.

Just before Cruz kills her, she explains that the earth will become a “post-organic utopia” thanks to Danny, and assures that she has information about her visions. Then he forces her to reveal her knowledge and she explains that humans were not the first living things to try to leave their solar system. In a last-ditch effort, she declares that when these beings become “arrogant enough” to travel to space, they await “Prometheus’ purifying fire.” Iris eventually reveals to Gabriel that the Dark Woman is the inevitable result of her kind’s attempt to harness the powers of the Xenomorph.

Thus, the xenomorphs are the “purifying fire” of the universe, and this is a great revelation. In fact, it suggests that creatures play a much more important role in the universe. It was also one of the themes of the Prometheus prequel from 2012. This makes the Xenomorphs not only an obstacle for humanity, but a test for any sufficiently advanced civilization.

The Fermi Paradox

In addition, the alien comic gives an answer to the Fermi paradox. This is the name of a series of questions that the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi asked himself in 1950 about extraterrestrial visits. The Fermi Paradox can be expressed in the form of a question: “If there were extraterrestrial civilizations, their representatives would have to be with us already. Where are they then?”

In the comics, the Xenomorphs are the answer to the Fermi Paradox. This is because living things cannot survive after they leave their native solar system. Then the Xenomorphs come into play and take on a cosmic role as a deadly test for humanity. And if humanity fails the test, it will be its extinction.

Thus, Marvel expands the myth to include the Xenomorphs, revealing that they play a much larger role in the universe. Alien is a comic book by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with drawings by Salvador Larroca, the first edition of which was published on March 24, 2021. Alien Issue # 6, produced by Marvel Comics, was released on August 25th and is available on version paper and digitally. If you enjoyed this article, then you will definitely love to learn more about the upcoming alien video game.

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