This ultimate form of Doctor Strange would be perfect for the MCU


Doctor Strange, like all of his compatriots whom we love so much, possesses various powers and forms, especially in the comics. Before that, we had also asked ourselves whether Scarlet Witch is really more powerful than him in the MCU. This time around, we’re not putting Scarlet Witch in the spotlight, but rather Stephen Strange, who also has an Ultimate version that many characters envy.

Warning, this article contains loot related to the New Avengers comic series by Jonathan Hickman, Szymon Kudranski, and Joe Caramgna. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to read it.

Entry into the multiverse of madness

We know Doctor Strange is about to make his debut in The Multiverse of Madness if we are to believe the next part that tells us about his adventures. In the next character-focused movie, we’ll actually have the chance to learn more about his research on the Zeitstein (after the events in Endgame).

At the moment we also know that an old friend of Doctor Strange (who became an enemy over time) will destroy all his plans and try to unleash terrible evil on Earth. If the synopsis of this second opus is already salivating us a lot, then it is possible to bind ourselves to the comics and especially those who have Doctor Strange evolve in the Multiverse to keep us waiting.

The new form of Doctor strange

Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of Doctor Strange is that of the Dark Priest. We find this form in the comic series New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman, Szymon Kudranski and Joe Caramgna. In this series, the Avengers seek answers to the true nature of the Dark Priests and are simply stunned to find out that Doctor Strange is part of that group.

Doctor Strange explains to them that the Dark Priests are trying to save the Multiverse through their actions, and that they have also managed to create a word that now allows reality to be distorted. Before Strange, the Dark Priests could not have accomplished such a feat; the character arrived in his clan like a messiah.

In fact, in this form of “Black Priest” Doctor Strange simply has extraordinary powers that will hardly ever be as great in other forms. In this comic book series, for example, the character is able to destroy entire earths to stabilize the multiverse, and all he has to do is say the word “Life”. This is an extremely destructive force that could put Doctor Strange’s character in an extremely important (and delicate) position within the MCU (if there was an adjustment). In any case, in the aforementioned comic series, the character has a paramount role: regulating the multiverse and deciding which earth should continue to be part of this expanded universe. It is very likely that his role in phase 4 of the MCU (i.e., a role of “moderator” of the multiverse) will be similar. So are we going to see an adaptation of this form of Dark Priest? ?

Anything is possible knowing Marvel, but if it does, we will surely find other elements that are not in the comics in question. Comic book writers can sometimes come up with stories that lay a foundation for the MCU, but movie productions often take a different route so comic book readers don’t feel like they are watching a vulgar adaptation years back.

Is this an interesting story for you that deserves to be featured in Phase 4 of the MCU? We will let you answer this question via our survey as well as via our comment area! And if you are interested in the second part of the adventures of Doctor Strange, you can always find our previous article detailing how the scenario of the film is inspired by the Loki series.