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This theory eventually reveals why Dr. Strange gives Thanos the Time Stone in Infinity War

Since 2008 and Iron Man, Marvel Studios has linked all of their films through the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More than a decade later, the total number of films released is 23, with no less than four films in 2021. And upon further inspection, one netizen thinks he understands why Dr. Strange intentionally offering the Time Stone to Thanos in Infinity War. A reason given by the events in The Eternals.

/! Warning, this article contains spoilers for the film The Eternals /!

Infinity War and the Eternals more connected than it seems?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is on a hunt for the Infinity Stones with the goal of wiping out half of all creatures in the universe, just that. Naturally, the Avengers are trying to stop him by any means necessary, an initiative that will prove to be a failure. And in Infinity War, Dr. Strange, when he arrives alongside Spider-Man and Iron Man on Titan, the home of Thanos, use the time stone hanging around his neck to glimpse 14,000,605 different futures. Of those millions of future viewers, only one leads to an Avengers victory. To achieve this, Dr. Strange also deliver the Time Stone to Thanos, saving the lives of his companions in the process.

In Avengers: Endgame, Earth’s heroes reverse the infamous snapshot and bring back the missing. A scenario that Dr. Strange would have been divined and Thanos initially forced a victory with a vengeance in good and proper form. Although the disappeared returned in the end, Tony Stark will have sacrificed himself for the good of mankind. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Earth faces a new threat, that of the Deviants. In the movie The Eternals, these historical enemies of our blue planet are finally introduced, as well as the Eternals, those cosmic beings specially created by the Celestials.

But in The Eternals, these heroes ultimately learn to be pawns in the Celestials’ grand plan to expand the universe by creating more and more Celestials. To do this, the affected planets must swell their populations to allow for the emergence of a Celestial, destroying the planet in the process and annihilating the billions of life that live there. And according to a theory born on Reddit, that of Dr. Strange in Infinity War foretold future also affect The Eternals. As mentioned above, the population threshold of the planet in question must first reach a certain threshold for the creation of a Celestial to begin. And with his snapshot, Thanos cut Earth’s population in half, delaying Tiamut’s creation.

A theory that holds water on paper

According to u/LuckyMe111, Dr. Strange giving Thanos the time stone to allow for his snap, non-trivial and quite thoughtful.

“I don’t know if it was posted here as I was rewatching Avengers: Infinity War in the scene where they are on Titan and Strange sees the 14,000,605 different futures and why he didn’t stop Star Lord from Beating Thanos when they were like that I think Strange was about to take the gauntlet out of his hand and I think Strange saw the future where they beat Thanos on Titan and the snap didn’t happen but later that Turn up. He also believes that Dr. Delay emergence and bring everyone back later so the Eternals and Ajak will see that Earth is a planet worth betraying Arishem.

And with good reason, even if the Avengers managed to stop Thanos, the Emergence would have been triggered shortly thereafter without anyone stopping them: the Eternals would have followed Heavenly Arishem’s plan as planned and signed off on Earth’s destruction. But with this snapshot, emergence will be delayed and Earth’s population will be halved. A theory that holds water on paper. In reality, it’s a safe bet that the alignment of these events is simply the result of a happy accident, with Marvel nonetheless making sure no continuity issue mars its films ahead of time.

And with good reason: Matthew and Ryan Firpo, the two screenwriters of the Eternals, were hired in May 2018. The screenplay for Avengers: Endgame had been in place for a while and it would be surprising if Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were the screenwriters of Avengers: Endgame, planning the course of events of the Eternals years in advance so that the vision of Dr. Strange would also be linked to that film released years later. A theory that holds water, but probably stems more from a happy coincidence than a script element planned for years.

For your part, do you think this theory is valid? Don’t hesitate to reply to us via the poll and comments section below.


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