This streamer went to great lengths to prove it wasn’t cheating


We all have special memories of Call Of Duty. Most of the time it will be Modern Warfare or even Black Ops because these games were the first to popularize vocal microphones, which were heavily insulted by 12 year old kids who want to do strange things to most of the mothers in the world. Or worse, if they accuse us of fraud. To fix this problem, one streamer decided to show off by filming himself.

Forced to film yourself

To put things in context, the latest Call of Duty: Warzone is plagued by scams. This is a real scourge that developers cannot deal with, mainly due to the ease of access and installation of cheat firmware. Player and streamer Charlie “MuTeX” Saouma is in the spotlight right now. Another gamer and YouTuber who defines himself as a scam specialist, BadBoy Beamen, accuses him, with supporting evidence, of cheating during his life using the Cronus software that allows scripts to be edited in the game. And opinions in favor of BadBoy grew quickly.

To face this affront, Saouma decided to tackle the problem head on. Literally! The player, who has already played professionally, decided during one of his livestreams to install different cameras, each filming from a different angle to show that he was not cheating. One to the game, the others take pictures of his controller, his face, his body and finally his three screens. At the beginning of the live, he explains his configuration and how he plays with a PS5 controller for about twenty minutes. If this life is enough for some, many remain skeptical. And we understand it.

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July 14, 2021

THE FINAL DEBUNK HAPPENS NOW! If you don’t want to see this or you don’t agree, please don’t login, I know it is exhausting reading about it all the time, but washing my name is the most important thing for me. So don’t watch, if you disagree, don’t complain.

Fraud: Warzone’s Biggest Problem

Samoua had already responded positively to these allegations. In a short Twitter video, he admitted using Cronus on his PC. He claimed this was a holdover from his time playing professionally as this program provides better controller-to-PC connectivity than the equipment provided by event planners, while clarifying that there is a “tournament mode” that the cheating functions of the software.

But in another video, BadBoy used recent images that proved that Saouma still owned the software even though he deleted it some time ago in one of his lives, rendering his comments about the remaining quality of the software obsolete. . A video that added even more trouble to the story. Perhaps MuTeX was at its prime as a professional gamer, but since he was no longer able to keep up with his life, he decided to give himself a little boost to help with the pressure. It wouldn’t be surprising and it would even be a more classic course. This pattern has been reproduced multiple times in the Call of Duty community.

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July 11, 2021

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