this still undetectable monopoly is a real miracle


The month of March 2020 will have allowed a good part of the world to discover the Animal Crossing license, which so far has been popular in Japan and a little in the west. But with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the saga has democratized itself internationally and achieved record sales. A monster madness that apparently inspired Hasbro. The entertainment giant is set to release a not yet formalized, but already found Monopoly Animal Crossing on the Internet.

an animal crossing monopoly that will make many people salivate

Its existence was unknown to the general public until this week, the Monopoly Animal Crossing exists and appears to have found its way onto a Walmart brand shelf. At the bend of a ray, a surfer named u / calysunflower could see a supposedly non-existent Monopoly Animal Crossing. And for good reason, Hasbro never formalized its existence. A uniqueness that did not prevent the board game from buying the board game and then unpacking it before it was properly presented. Like other gaming editions of Monopoly, this Animal Crossing Monopoly has slightly different rules.

There are no traits to be purchased or stations to acquire in this edition, resources are collected and Nook Miles earned, just like in the game it is based on. The rules seem simple: “As you explore, try to earn the most Nook Miles by purchasing decorations from the Nook Store and using Nook Miles Cards to exchange resources and bells for Nook Miles. The game ends when a player turns seventh Item buys. ” from the Nook Store. The player with the most nook miles wins! “

A special edition whose color families are shaped by a season, a fruit, an insect, a fossil or a fish. Random cards, nook miles and decorations are placed in the center of the game board. Three of them are also visible to all and grant their owners nook miles at the end of the game. And in order to search this somewhat special plateau, you can choose between four relatively detailed and expressive characters at Monopoly. A remarkable work for an edition that should soon emerge from the shadows. This Monopoly Animal Crossing is already available for pre-order at some European and American retailers, but Hasbro has not yet formalized it.

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