This short film is controversial because of its portrayal of women

For a short film released in 2016, Disney has to face a barrage of criticism from internet users. For what reason? We explain everything to you.

In fact, the Disney studios released the short film Raison, Déraison (or Inner Workings in VO) at the same time as Vaiana: The Legend of the End of the World in 2016. In this 6-minute animated film directed by Leo Matusda, the main character, Paul meets a woman, Kate, who does not leave him indifferent. The controversy and criticism are aimed directly at this female figure.

An unreal physical representation!

At the time of its release, the short was not responding to the public, but instead followed a tweet broadcast earlier in the year that internet users were detonated. In fact, they consider the physical portrayal of Kate to be absolutely unrealistic.

For Disney critics who criticize the short film, it is inconceivable to portray the character with such proportions, namely “no stomach and wide hips and a disproportionate bottom”.

Especially since another user remembers that the studio doesn’t treat male characters equally.

If many of them criticize the choice of this representation, it is important to note that internet users remember that cartoons always did not respect the proportions of the human body as they do in real life. They also take as an example the cubic head of the short film’s main character or the fact that cartoons are not meant to transcribe reality as evidenced by anthropomorphic animal characters like Mickey or Bugs Bunny.

While the controversy may seem exaggerated, it deserves the credit of giving us a break to ponder how far the portrayal of characters in animated films can go. If you haven’t seen Reason, Madness, the short is available on Disney +.

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