This series has just beaten The Witcher and is going to be the most watched

With the health crisis and the measures forcing us to stay at home, the world of streaming is growing and Netflix is ​​not going to say the opposite. Last week we learned that the French series Lupine starring Omar Sy was a hit on the American platform, with rather encouraging predictive statistics. Indeed, the modern adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s heroes was about to dethrone Le Jeu de la Dame and Bridgerton.

Projections below the final numbers

Indeed, Louis Letellier’s series Lupine had to be seen by 70 million subscribers if we were to believe the American giant’s algorithms. A character that would have enabled the series starring Omar Sy to dethrone two emblematic series of the platform, namely Lady’s Game and The Chronicles of Bridgerton. Except that last program beat Netflix’s estimates and didn’t stop there!

Indeed, the final numbers of the first season of the romance produced by Shonda Rhimes are known. Bridgerton has been viewed by 82 million households around the world. A good feat as Netflix projections predicted the Shondaland series will hit 63 million views on D + 28.

And The Bridgerton Chronicles didn’t just beat the streaming giant’s predictions. It also sets a record by becoming the most watched series in all of history, paying off the luxury of passing the first season of The Witcher, which took first place in the ranking of the most popular shows on the platform. As a reminder, 76 million households around the world had seen the first season of the adaptation of the literary saga by Pole Andrzej Saokowski.

Bridgerton therefore leads the post of other series that hit Netflix such as Lupine and The Lady’s Game (62 million). With 200 million subscribers to the streaming service, the series was seen by 41%, as Deadline points out. Last year, The Witcher was seen by 47% of the company’s 167 million subscribers.

Still, with numbers like that, it’s pretty logical to know that The Chronicles of Bridgerton will be back for a second season, with production scheduled to begin next spring. Until then, please watch the thank you video posted on the show’s Twitter account below.

Thank you for making Bridgerton our greatest series ever

January 27, 2021

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