This scene, which had been banned for 18 years, had to be edited by Zack Snyder


After superheroes, Zack Snyder will soon be back on our screens with zombies. The director of the now iconic Justice League – Snyder Cut arrives at Netflix with Army of the Dead. A spin-off of his 2004 film Army of the Dead. Today we learn from the director that the film was cut off from a scene that was a little too bloody and daring.

Too gore to appear in a gore movie

The zombies are becoming popular again, with Army of the Dead coming to Netflix on May 21st. The film is eagerly awaited by Undead fans and Zack Snyder is currently promoting it in many media outlets. During an interview with The Sunday Times, he brought up a particularly bloody scene that he ultimately wanted to cut out of the final cut of the film. The action takes place in Las Vegas and during their adventure the protagonists rob the safe of a casino. This originally featured a sequence with a stripper.

Zack Snyder cut this scene because he finally found it too daring. We can also imagine that the scene could have traumatized part of the audience. He himself explains the order of this order.

“There was a sequence where a stripper had a big penis with a piece being chewed on. We thought it was too much.”

That perhaps traumatic scene for some of the viewers will indeed not be featured in the film, but you should fill yourself up with blood and hemoglobin. We recommend that you watch the trailer again.

Army of the Dead will be available on Netflix on May 21st. The film will soon be accompanied by another prequel called Army of Thieves. The publication is also planned for this year. That’s not all, a spin-off animated series called Army of Dead: Lost Vegas will also be available soon. You haven’t seen any zombies yet.