this robot vacuum costs less than 190 euros


Tired of vacuuming? The solution lies in the robot vacuum cleaner and maybe we have the one that suits you, it is the Xiaomi Roborock E4, currently on sale for less than 190 euros, a case not to be missed, there is a risk that stock will run out quickly.

Xiaomi Roborock E4: Farewell to the dust

The Xiaomi Roborock E4 is a smart robot vacuum cleaner and is connected to the Xiaomi Mi Home app. You can plan your cleaning (time, day) and the operating mode. It is also possible to demarcate the zones in which it is not allowed to happen or, on the contrary, the zones that should be privileged.

With its 5200mAh battery, it can vacuum up to 200m2 on a single charge, and when the battery is empty it automatically returns to its base to recharge and then starts again to do its job. This model is faster and moves 10% faster than the previous model.

The Xiaomi Roborock E4 was priced at $ 299.99 but is currently getting a $ 110 discount so it can be found for just $ 189.99. And during this time, when it is silent, you can enjoy your films and series comfortably sitting on the sofa with the Philips video projector that we recently put on sale to you.

Why fall for this robotic vacuum cleaner?

No more vacuuming required. Good autonomy. Washable filter

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