This remake of “Big Brother” is supposed to change the name to “Big Brother Some Famous”.

The new edition of “Big Brother” is to change the name to “Big Brother Some Famous”

Like us, Bruno de Carvalho hardly knew the competition. The humorist Miguel Lambertini suggests keeping Wikipedia open.

Bruno de Carvalho only knew himself.

Twenty years after his debut, Big Brother Famosos returned to TVI with new faces, and when I say new ones I mean the fact that no one recognizes them. It was a lot of fun because we spent all night playing Quem é Quem, the Brunão version. “Bruno de Carvalho, do you know who this lady is? And this Bruno, can you see who he is? ”, Asked Cristina Ferreira, like the tone of nursing staff in nursing homes.

The presenter made a pharmacy appearance and when she went down the studio stairs, there were more fireworks nationwide than at New Year’s Eve celebrations. Incidentally, the former president of Sporting was the most impressive name among the participants in this edition, who, curiously, bet a lot on the ex. Besides the ex-president, we also have Jaciara, Deco’s ex-wife, Kasha, Barbara Bandeira’s ex-boyfriend and all the others who are mostly former public figures.

In the introductory video, Bruno de Carvalho says that when people are with him, they often say “ah, you are completely normal”. Of course, 90 percent of these people are drunks who ask you to take a selfie on the urban dance floor at 5 a.m., and then even a hairdresser with a mustache looks normal. “It’s good when we leave traces,” adds Bruno de Carvalho. So not? Let Bas Dost tell you.

Another big contender for this edition is ex-player (there he is) Mário Jardel. Super Mario started by thanking God and confessed that he regretted his drug abuse past. Not as much as we Benfica fans regret their abuse at Preud’hommes goal, but no matter what goes there, you can too.

In relation to actresses, the scar on Jardel’s forehead is strangely best known. Marta Gil fell into the Red Bull melting pot when she was little and was more hectic than José Rodrigues dos Santos on election night. Laura Galvão came and after a few seconds she was crying – it wasn’t even necessary to tell her who the other competitors in the house were.

People like Jorge Guerreiro, the man who has a buckle with his initials on the back and never gets tired of singing his musical themes with brilliant verses like “from today I’ll be there at two, three or four … I rent a room, me “I’ll rent a room.” With the rental price, Jorge will spend all of his fee on the room he rented at BB.

Another surprise was Francisco Maria Cardoso from I don’t know, who, despite the name of a Beto, prefers to be treated as a character in “Game of Thrones”. Kasha is a member of DAMAS and presented herself with a pearl necklace and a sequined coat, which is very similar to those of my great aunt at Christmas. I don’t know what cauldron it fell into, but it certainly wasn’t from Red Bull. Liliana Almeida was part of the girl band Non Stop and because she has a phobia of closed doors, she decided on Big Brother. Okay, it makes sense.

Singer Leandro, on the other hand, refused to perform with well-known artists at the hospital Christmas party because he considered it disrespectful to his artistic path, but joining Big Brother no longer confuses him. On second glance, it was a good thing Leandro didn’t show up at the Christmas gala because, with his fondness for olive oil coats, he was a real danger to patients in the audience with high cholesterol levels.

Who hasn’t done yet but will do is singer Jay Oliver, who is still in quarantine for security reasons, which is great as we all have time to go to Wikipedia to see who Jay Oliver is.

While the famous were tasting the Intermarché cheese, someone wearing a parrot mask also entered. Cristina explained that everyone had to ignore the animal in the room, which was not an easy task. The only one who couldn’t do that was Kasha, who had ignored glowing unicorns and pink elephants since entering the house. Fortunately, DJ Hugo Tabaco joined the group after that, which was cool because Kasha clearly needed more tobacco.

Eventually, actress Catarina Siqueira came into play – I know they need some more time to google to get started – and it was revealed who the competitor hiding behind the parrot’s mask was. I still prayed that it would be Jorge Jesus or Maria Leal, but at least it was the classic Nuno Homem de Sá who, twenty years later, returns to the place where he was happy. Here I confess that I overlooked some of Sónia Tavares or Jorge Corrula’s premonitions about the parrot.

When it comes to causes, famous BB competitors are far more pragmatic than other versions of the program. There is no such thing as “save the albino guinea pigs” or “support the fight of the left-handed weavers of Arraiolos”. None of this, our famous people are only there to make money and to remind people that they are still alive, which I personally think is much more deserving and honest.

More than 30 years ago, Miguel Esteves Cardoso wrote in one of his brilliant chronicles: “Portugal is the paradise of the Parolos because everything is allowed. And ordered. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the richness of our probation architecture, the particular paroxysm of our music, the public notoriety of our greatest probation politicians. ”I know it’s a bit silly to use quotations from the MEC, but yesterday I remembered this text and am concluded that some of these Parolos are now referred to as “famous”.

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