This recolored photo shows the stunning details of the game’s graphics

A critically acclaimed aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 is its realism. The game’s graphic designers did an absolutely monumental job of recreating a miniature Wild West, with some of the game’s scenes almost indistinguishable from the real world, as the game takes on elements from America at the time, such as the city Orleans. And of course there is a photo mode in the game that allows you to keep a lot of video game memories with you. Aside from the fact that before New Orleans was in a gaming venue, it was a thriving city where some shots were almost taken out of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2: an impressive color scheme

A viral artist on Reddit was impressed. He posted a perfect, recolored photo of New Orleans on a discussion forum thread. The work is by Sanna Dullaway, whose job is to restore old black and white photographs and add the colors of the time using a graphic process that allows one to “guess” the original colors. The original photo is from 1906.

If you’ve played Red Dead Redemption 2 before, this coloring of New Orleans can confuse your senses without knowing whether it’s a photo or a screenshot of the game, the two are exactly the same. It’s not surprising. In case you haven’t noticed, the city of Saint Denis in the game is based on the city of New Orleans. Rockstar Games managed to create something new with the material they already had while maintaining the aesthetic of the city’s architecture. In any case, we will give you time to look at the two pictures.

From Saint-Denis to New Orleans

Such a resemblance to the game is very disturbing. In the Reddit thread, internet users even pointed out that these are simply images from the game and could be improved via mods or patches, as the rendering seems “strange” for classic photography. While scrolling a little, another user confirms the fact that it is a real photo by sending a link to a website that collects several time photos. The link is right here.

Sanna Dullaway explains in a tweet showing the photo that it is the French market, one of the most famous places in the city, with a statue of Joan of Arc on it. On the tweet, she took the opportunity to indicate the geolocation of the place to see the evolution of the place. The artist is also known for other equally impressive recolourations, such as this photo of the city of Reims, taken after the city was bombed during the First World War. Here it is along with a few others so you can appreciate his work:

French Market in New Orleans, in 1906

Today this corner is Place de France: home to a statue of Joan of Arc.

available in print: #NOLA #frenchquarter #Louisiana #colorized

December 18, 2020

New Orleans French Market, 1906. Today this corner is Place de France. It houses a statue of Joan of Arc.

Reims, France, after 4 years of grenade bombardment by the Germans during the First World War. Locals collect the parts to rebuild their house – May 20, 1919 # wwi #colorized #Reims
Print available:

4th December 2020

Reims, France, after 4 years of German bombardment during World War I. Residents pick up the parts to rebuild their home – May 20, 1919

A trader puts fruit in a basket, perhaps for the lady. Numbers are scrawled on the large wooden telephone pole. “76×4 = 304”. Maybe some dealers use it as an extra aid, or maybe to prove a point to a customer ..?

December 18, 2020

A trader puts fruit in a basket, possibly for the lady. Numbers are scribbled on the large wooden telephone pole. “76×4 = 304”. Maybe some marketers use it as an extra help or to prove something to a customer ..?

Long Beach, Los Angeles, California in 1910

The Pike amusement zone, founded in 1902. It had a roller coaster on the far left by the sea and a large bathhouse on the right.


#colorized #LongBeach #losangeles #california

January 15, 2021

Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA in 1910. The Pike Amusement Area, founded in 1902. On the far left of the ocean was a roller coaster, on the right a large public bath.

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