This radical decision by the platform will result in the loss of a large number of subscribers


There are many platforms on the Internet. Between YouTube, Twitch, DeviantArt and many others, web actors have a choice when it comes to publishing their content. And so far OnlyFans has been able to boast of being a free and open platform for the publication of erotic or even pornographic content. But under pressure from his financial partners, OnlyFans had to turn its back on one of the contents that made it successful.

Change of course for OnlyFans

With 130 million users, OnlyFans is a success story in the global coronavirus pandemic. Its development has been accelerated by the numerous restraints around the world, the upheaval in the working world, and the creatives looking for a way to make their content profitable. And on OnlyFans, YouTubers could freely make their erotic and even pornographic photos and videos available for subscription. But this Thursday, August 19th, the platform announced that it would ban all sexually explicit content. A measure that will be active from October.

“To ensure our long-term operation and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we need to develop our regulations further. These changes are necessary to meet the needs of our financial partners and online payment services. “

Changes in the behavior of the platform due to inquiries from your financial partners, namely Mastercard and Visa. Two giants who have not hesitated to put pressure on other sites including Pornhub, the world’s leading pornography company. However, OnlyFans content creators will still be able to post photos and videos related to nudity only. Content that persists confirms the site’s new approach. New rules that should be stricter and prohibit the advertising of firearms, violence, but also extreme or criminal sexual content such as rape or sodomy.

Content creators affected by these changes should learn more about them in the coming days. OnlyFans has announced that new information about these changes will be released in the coming days. In addition, the 2 million creators that make up the platform would be “actively helped”, so that their respective content is now in the nails. Independently of this, this announcement accompanies the launch of the platform’s new “soft” channel, in which interested parties can find SFW content such as music videos and cooking recipes.