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This PS5 Compatible Steering Wheel/Pedal Kit is available for sale in 2022 at a great price

If you’re a fan of car racing games, what better than to invest in a steering wheel and pedal set to enjoy maximum sensations. Today the Trustmaster T248, consisting of a steering wheel and a pedal set, benefits from a very attractive offer.

Trustmaster T248: for even more sensations

Trustmaster is a brand well known for their gaming peripherals and accessories and if you want to enjoy your racing games to the fullest then we have a great deal for you here.

The T248 kit consists of a set of pedals and a steering wheel that will give you the impression of actually driving the vehicle in your game.The latter is compatible with different platforms and is very easy to connect to them as it is plug’n’play (USB-C for updates):

PlayStation 4PlayStation 5PC

Structurally, it features a force-feedback hybrid mechanism that you can configure as you wish. Above we have a small watch face with a Thrustmaster Race Dash (TRD) screen that gives you a lot of information. Ultra-precise T-MP magnetic paddle shifters are located on the side of the steering wheel. the same applies to the T3PM crankset, in addition, the hardness of the brake is also configurable. And in the middle there are no less than 25 keys.

The Trustmaster T248 is currently 280.99 euros instead of 349.99 euros. And for a great picture, we also have a good plan for a ViewSonic 2K gaming screen.

Why jump on this promo?

For more sensations Cross-platform compatible Lots of settings

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