This protection system will delight players who are RPG fans


With the emergence of Covid-19 around the world, many have been trying to imagine ways to stop the virus from spreading. Some have developed masks and others came up with the idea of ​​transforming protective glass, which is used in restaurants, for example, so that you feel like you are in a role-playing game.

Become an RPG character and protect yourself from Covid at the same time

This invention comes to us from Japan, where the manufacturer Takumi Armory has brought a plastic protective glass onto the market to prevent the spread of droplets of saliva, especially in dining rooms. And that’s not a simple plexiglass! No, as it is an RPG version.

The protective glass was designed in such a way that when installed behind it it gives the impression of being in the menu of an RPG game. The person sitting behind acts as a character and a transparent menu is engraved on the plexiglass.

The menu offers you (in Japanese) to fight, defend, speak, accept or flee.

Sold for 15,000 yen (or $ 136), this protective glass for the RPG version may not be installed everywhere, but it does have the advantage of appealing to fans of these types of games.