this promising RPG from former developers of The Elder Scrolls looks like a nugget


The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, The Witcher, legendary licenses that can boast of bringing some of the best role-playing games in the world to life. Titles that have shaped memories and give this popular genre a golden halo. But while RPG fans are now waiting to get their hands on the much-anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI, here are some of the franchise’s former developers of their next game, a promising role-playing game called The Wayward Realms.

an RPG planned for the coming years

The video game industry is moving fast, very fast. Although the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the projects of many studios, many of whom were the editors to postpone the release dates of their current productions, lovers of the medium can rest assured that the projects announced will make them dream. It’s hard to know where to look and what to do with your wallet, with so many ambitious titles in the making. On the Bethesda site, after the release of Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI will be released, a confirmed game whose first official images will undoubtedly reach us in the years to come.

A title from a hugely popular franchise that has been democratized internationally by Skyrim, an opus that is available on consoles and PC as well as on Alexa and Samsung’s connected refrigerator. And now developers have used the summer to present their new project, namely a promising role-playing game called The Wayward Realms. An open world role-playing game developed by a team that includes Ted Peterson, Julian LeFay, and Vijay Lakshman (who all worked on The Elder Scrolls franchise) that are now part of the Once Lost Games studio. A game described as a “Grand RPG” that promises profound class systems and battles, complex faction dynamics, and “decisions and consequences on a scale never before attempted.”

Promises that make you dream, especially since the developers have the bottle at the top. The game summary allows us to learn more about the plot:

“The Wayward Realms is set on a group of over a hundred islands, from the smallest to the largest, collectively known as the archipelago, where many factions battle for influence and power. The dynasties strive to maintain the status quo, seek newcomers your place.” at the top, and fascinating powerhouses set the intrigues of the generations in motion.

If the player wins a seat next to an excellent seat, he can change the course of history. However, it has to be proven first. Players will venture into foreign lands and encounter humans, elves, dwarves and other races of a more unusual nature, all of which inhabit the archipelago and its realms.

Power games that will take place in a large open world that is procedurally generated (such as No Man’s Sky). To tell the evolution of this virtual world, the developers decided to bring in a game master, who players usually find at the top of paper role-playing games. In light of this announcement, impatient gamers rushed to gather information, particularly about the bestiary and a possible release date. As for the first part, there will be atypical creatures like the “Wereber”, a Wereber particularly found in Dungeons and Dragons, as well as pirates. As for the second, the studio wanted to score the i’s: it will take several years of development before The Wayward Realms see the light of day.