This Portuguese broadcaster will have a special on Stanley Kubrick in August


A special on Portuguese television dedicated to Stanley Kubrick is coming soon

As a subscriber to TVCine, you can watch four films by one of the most renowned filmmakers of all time.

You can see “Clockwork Orange”.

The month of August at TVCine brings a special program for fans of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time – Stanley Kubrick, known for his meticulous stage design, groundbreaking film techniques, obsessive research and an atmospheric use of music.

Kubrick didn’t just stick to one film genre in his career, he often wavered between political satire and erotic thriller to war, horror and science fiction films. The homage to the director is made with the transmission of four of his most famous productions in the TVCine Edition always at 10 p.m.

On August 7th, “Lolita,” a tragic comedy about obsession (one of the subjects Stanley raised a lot), will air. With plays by Gary Cockrell, Sue Lyon, James Mason, Shelley Winters and Diana Decker, the film tells the entertaining and disturbing story of a forbidden love.

On the following Saturday, the 14th, the film “2001: Odyssey in Space” was selected. This project portrays the struggle between man and machine. After discovering monoliths on Earth and the Moon, a team embarks on a space expedition to discover their origins. This is where the battles for mission control begin between the astronaut Bowman and HAL 9000, the computer that controls the spaceship. The cast consists of Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, Leonard Rossiter, William Sylvester and Daniel Richter.

A week later, it will be “A Clockwork Orange” to keep you company on Saturday night. The film depicts Alex DeLarge (Malcom McDowell) from amoral punk to respected citizen after being brainwashed. In addition to McDowell, the movie stars are Michael Bates, Warren Clarke, Patrick Magee and John Clive.

The final film in this month’s special is Barry Lyndon, starring Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger, Ryan O’Neal and Gay Hamilton. This 1975 production tells the story of an Irish crook who wins the heart of a wealthy widow and takes her late husband’s position in the 18th century British aristocracy.