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This popular AAA game is released on the portable console

Since the Switch was released in 2017, many AAA games released on other platforms have been ported to it. Despite the special features below the Nintendo hybrid console, great titles have landed, such as DOOM Eternal or The Witcher, the version of which is known as the Switcher. Another AAA should be released in a couple of weeks, a port that seeps onto the internet.

an expected arrival

There are numerous leaks in the summer, even more so than in the rest of the year it seems. E3 and its annual conferences are an opportunity for the most curious to gather information in advance through posts on forums like 4chan or revelations from many insiders. Today, however, resellers remain reliable sources for unannounced titles, ports, and even consoles. On the Russian side, Videoigr.net seems to have sold the wick prematurely. And for good reason, a very popular AAA game is being ported to Nintendo Switch.

While the big players are still waiting for the arrival of a real Switch Pro, the tech-savvy gamers have to be content with a simple screen change for the hybrid console, which is now switching to OLED. No power gain noted, although the games are getting greedy. Nevertheless, this absence does not seem to frighten the editors, who continue to contribute their previous successes. On the THQ Nordic side, the final work of one of its flagship sagas along with its DLC seems to be taking the direction of the Switch.

If you believe the latest leak, Darksiders III would soon benefit from a port to Nintendo’s hybrid console. A release date was even brought forward, namely September 30th. In addition to the base game, interested players can look forward to the two DLCs Le Creuset and Les Gardiens du Void. Post-launch content, which is unsurprisingly likely to be there for a port that should interest more than one. While THQ Nordic has not yet commented on the rumor, it should be noted that the listing on the Russian website quickly disappeared. A bug that will be confirmed in the coming weeks? Possible.

Are you interested in porting Darksiders III to Nintendo Switch? If not, please let us know in the comments which port would grab your attention.


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