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This player managed to catch a guard from an unlikely distance (video)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is leading the Nintendo Switch for its March 2017 release, is considered a must-see by many. The game quickly seduced and brought together a large community of enthusiasts. And even years later, the players are capable of heroism, the evidence in the video.

an exemplary precision shot

Neko is a patient Japanese player trying to push the limits of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is capable of tricks and exhibits them on his YouTube channel or Twitter account. And recently Neko did a remarkable feat: shooting a guard from over 1,400 meters away. To do this, he first performs a “bullet time bounce” to travel a long distance on his shield. But in the air he triggers the period in which time stands still and then shoots an arrow at a certain point.

Neko is thrown into the air at an insane rate, so great that the area around it is difficult to load. Then he follows the trajectory of the arrow. From the air, he follows his shot as it approaches its target before reaching it as if by magic. An achievement that must have required many hours of preparation. A goal at a distance of 1400 meters, enough to make more than one dream come true.

In addition, it should be explained that this distance did not come out of nowhere. To calculate this distance, Neko used data collected by the researcher on top of the Tower of the Hills. Thanks to a series of small disturbances, it can measure very long distances. With this data he can effectively measure the distance of his shot. An impressive result that you can finally reproduce for the first time, who knows.

a similar achievement in Genshin Impact

Skilled players can also be found on the Genshin Impact website. With the new banner coming out later today, players looking for a career don’t hesitate to test their limits as well as those of the game. Such is the case with this user, known on Reddit as majestic_waterbear, who managed to perform an impressive feat: sniffing an enemy from a great distance. To do this, he bends the bow of his Fischl, goes to the septum statue on the Pfeifhügel in Mondstadt, turns east, shoots, teleports himself immediately to the teleporter in Tombstar Valley to discover the result of his shot. And as the video below shows, the precision is perfect.

In the game of r / Genshin_Impact, when you run out of things to do


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