this player had a sick chance (1/456 124)

Recently we introduced you to this Pokémon that didn’t seem to have any weaknesses, also an opportunity for us to remember one of the new types of Pokémon that appeared in the sixth generation: the fairy type. Indeed, a clip recently posted on Reddit shows that one of those fairy-type Pokémon is performing a feat that would pale any statistician.

Melodief vs. ethernatos

In the Sword / Shield version, we can see the clip for “Dinopokemon” posted on Reddit where we see him achieve an incredible chain that allows him to defeat Ethernatos with a melodelf using a rather daring technique.

First, he uses the non-offensive Mind Reader ability, which he can use to ensure that his Pokémon’s next ability, Melodelf, doesn’t fail. “Mind Reader” has the specialty that it functions independently of the accuracy of this ability. For your information, the precision of an ability in Pokémon game is a mechanism that is taken into account in the success of an attack.

After Melodelf was attacked by Ethernatos, he used “Metronome”, a somewhat peculiar non-offensive ability. In fact, the Pokémon it uses is performing a different ability randomly, among all of the existing ones, even among those that it cannot normally learn.

Then Metronome chooses Fissure (Abyss), a ground-type offensive ability, from all possible abilities. This ability also has the peculiarity that it is the only “OHKO” (“One Hit Knockout”) ability of the ground type; If the skill usually has a variable precision, depending on the level of the thrower and that of the target, the “mind reader” skill previously used allowed him to bypass this limitation.

A great achievement that aroused both admiration for the player’s combo and disappointment with this “broken” ability. The player posted his music video with the caption: “One of 456,142” (ie, “One chance of 456,124”).

Even Ethernatos seems amazed. He says, “That’s bullshit.”

– I’ve watched it at least three times in a row because I don’t think I’ve ever really seen Abyss really successful, leave this crazy RNG alone

– It was successful because I had Spirit Read, which guarantees that I will hit the next attack

– Ironically, the chance that Abime will succeed without Spirit Reading is much greater than using Spirit Reading on the metronome using Abime itself

While this formidable win pushes us back into Pokémon Sword / Shield, some gamers are relentlessly continuing to play older versions of Pokémon, and many are waiting for the next Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl versions slated for Nintendo Switch next November.

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