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This player achieves this feat that the developers claim to be impossible

Although released in 2017 to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to amaze a wide range of gamers. With its massive open world and gargantuan gameplay possibilities, the license’s latest true new opus has made it to the Must Register. A game that continues to impress, since exploits are possible there, like this feat supposedly impossible by the developers.

a supposedly impossible feat

Despite its five-year existence, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has not been fully updated. And for good reason, players continue to push the limits. And like other parts of the franchise, Breath of the Wild never fails to surprise. With its many ways to play, this iconic game allows players to solve each problem in different ways. Players could use their brains to create flying machines, unstoppable techniques to speed a curtain, or even intricate maneuvers to defeat Lynels and other Guardians.

The possibilities are nearly endless, a boon for the most creative players who continue to roam Hyrule in search of their next creation. And over on Reddit, a gamer named u/DureBroGuyManSirPal shared his latest discovery, an exploit the developers claimed was impossible. And for good reason, it allows Link to gain enough altitude to reach Val’Medoh, the divine creature of the Piafs, which is left to Revali’s control once tamed. Only Breath of the Wild players know that Val’Medoh is not intended to be accessible via link. Access is only possible through a teleporter or a mission.

But as u/DureBroGuyManSirPal proves in the video below, it’s possible to rise to his height with a little imagination. To assist in this task, this player has previously cut down a tree to recover its trunk. A trunk to which he then attaches two octo-bladders so he can slowly rise into the air. The balloons will eventually pop, forcing u/DureBroGuyManSirPal to keep him upright via Stasis+. Three balloons are attached to it again, before a rapid advance brings us directly to the height of Val’Medoh.

And as you can see, Val’Medoh is not accessible that way. The game didn’t bother to fully load this dungeon, and kindly let Link slide it through. An empty shell still visible from the ground, suggesting the developers didn’t expect players to be capable of such a feat. It remains to be seen what Breath of the Wild players will discover next, a few months ahead of Breath of the Wild 2’s release, which is still slated for 2022.


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