This Pixar movie is one of the few that gets 100% positive rotten tomato reviews

Pixar animated films often agree, but it’s rare for Rotten Tomatoes to get 100% rated. Such is the case with one in between, eagerly awaited by the public.

“The best Pixar in a long time”

It was announced for several months and is not yet open to the general public, yet the film Soul is already popular. Despite the controversy that surrounds it, Soul is eagerly anticipated as Disney has decided to release it directly on Disney +. The trailer is already salivating and we suspect Pixar will still be playing with our emotions.

Journalists, influencers and handpicked people have already had the chance to discover this new animated film, and many say it is “the best Pixar in a long time”. Soul offers a 100% rating for rotten tomatoes, which is very rare, and an 89% rating for metacritical ones. The vast majority of these get only positive reviews and that should continue as the film gets closer to release. It will be released worldwide on Disney + on December 25th.

But what is it about?

In Soul, we follow the adventures of our souls after death as they prepare to integrate a newborn’s body to lead a new life. The main character is a musician named Joe, who will lose his life and end up in the world of souls for a training seminar. There he will meet you, a soul that has been trapped there for many years. On the dubbing, it’s Jamie Foxx who plays Joe’s voice.

Soul will be available on Disney + on December 25th. It will cry in the huts on Christmas Day, we can’t wait!

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