This performer would love to join the X-Men


While the final episode of The Boys’ second season is just about to see the light of day, and rumors are circulating of the third season and the arrival of a superhero played by Shaquille O’Neal or the Soldier Boy, one of the cast has his today Expressed desire to join the cast of the X-Men if possible.

After the boys, X-Men?

The Boys’ new star Aya Cash admitted in a recent interview that she would love to be part of the next X-Men cast. Will we see Stormfront soon as the X-Men cast? What is certain is that the actress would have the shoulders to play one of the X-Men with her passive as a storm front. Within the series The Boys, Stormfront has actually established itself as an absolutely essential super among the seven in just a few episodes. It must be said that the Nazi supe, formerly called Liberty, who now has a relationship with Homelander hit the headlines. Her recent popularity, both in boy history and real life, has led the actress to answer numerous interviews in a very short space of time.

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Interviewed by Screengeek in particular, the actress returned to her love for the X-Men:

Brilliant ! Tell them to call me. I’m available … I grew up with X-Men. In my fantasy world, I would be the phoenix rising in this universe. I really wish I was part of the X-Men world. And if there is another opportunity – X-Men Geriatrics – you can always visit me.

The actress would also be particularly keen to play three roles in particular.

Which character could Aya Cash play?

When asked by the Screengeek team about the character Aya Cash really wanted to play, the actress replied:

I just mentioned Jean Gray. Yes, but let’s not forget that my favorite character in the entire X-Men universe has always been the beast. (…) I would be Malicia, Jean Gray and the Fauve if I had a choice.

Aya Cash would therefore have primarily seen herself in the skin of the fawn. Henry “Hank” McCoy, could he be played by Aya Cash in the near future? It seems unlikely. The actress herself admits not to believe it. But what about the role of Jean Gray or Rogue? On our side, we think Stormfront would likely be pretty convincing as a villain …