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this overwhelming character becomes unstoppable with this new technique

It’s been more than six years since Dragon Ball Super recounted the adventures of Goku and his gang after Dragon Ball Z ended. New storyline, new characters, and most importantly, original epic battles; enough to excite fans of the universe conceived by Akira Toriyama. And in the last chapter of the manga, an already overwhelmed character presents himself as unstoppable.

so that nobody can stop granola?

The main characters of Dragon Ball are regularly confronted with unknown enemies, as a result of which they exceed each other more and more and reach immeasurable levels of power. Last week, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super allowed us to cast our eyes on a new duel between the characters of Vegeta and Granola. While some are already imagining all sorts of and unimaginable puns, Goku continues to have to accept his defeat to an overwhelmed granola.

And since the Saiyan was no match for him, his lifelong rival Vegeta decided to replace him in the ring. A duel between Vegeta and Granola that looked promising. But above all, this confrontation was an opportunity for this new ruthless enemy to reveal the full extent of his power. So the chapter begins with a variety of punches and techniques Vegeta tries, all of which are distracted or dodged by granola. The antagonist of the day takes the opportunity to employ the same strategies as used against Goku, which are relatively effective given the outcome of their duel.

Tired of not being able to get rid of it, Vegeta decides to put some space between them to gain the advantage. But then, with the help of his assistant, Granola reveals a new card in the form of an arrow for power steering. While Vegeta is under the water, granola will disable it. A particularly strong energy arrow that Vegeta will partially block. Granola therefore has other techniques up its sleeve, each of which appears to be more powerful than the other.

Granola now seems as invincible in hand-to-hand combat as it is from a distance. It remains to be seen how Vegeta will manage to get rid of it. An umpteenth ally will eventually join the dance. Or maybe Goku will join him for a 2-on-1 battle, either way, the answers to those questions may well lie in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super, slated for next month.


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